Stop Mane and Tail Rubbing!


Ranch Life Naturals Original Skin Repair No. 01 stops mane and tail rubbing, repairs skin and promotes hair regrowth! I worked on this for over a year to develop a natural product that smells good, is not greasy, calms skin, and stimulates hair growth so our world can be full of horses with beautiful manes and tails.”

The viscosity is thin, creamy and smooth. It is easy to dispense from the spout down to the roots of the mane and tail. I pump the product down the top of the neck at the base of the mane and massage in with my fingers, spray my Detanger on and brush gently. I also part the hair on the tail in several areas and pump along the tail bone and massage the cream over the whole tail bone.

The horses will feel just the slightest tingly feeling only momentarily as the product absorbs into the skin and begins to work. The product is at work bringing blood to the area to begin the healing process. 

This product is human grade and I put it on my hair roots too!

You can purchase our Original Skin Repair Here!

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