Original Skin Repair No. 01

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#1 Selling Product for People, Horses & Dogs

“A thin lotion that feels so good on your skin!”

  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral & Anti-Inflammatory
  • Safe for use on People ~ Horses ~ Dogs
  • Calms Red Itchy Irritated Skin anywhere on the body
  • Promotes Hair Regrowth and can be used on your scalp without being greasy
  • #1 Selling Product for Healthy Skin
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Original Skin Repair No. 01

Offers relief and helps with:

  • Skin Allergies
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Hard to heal skin
  • Sunburn
  • Acne
  • Tick & Insect Bites
  • Cold Sores
  • Rosacea
  • Scars
  • Itchy Scalp
  • Repairs Split Ends
  • Itchy Skin
  • Skin Redness
  • Hair Regrowth
  • Eye Lash Growth
  • Nail Growth
  • Mane & Tail Growth
  • Mane & Tail Rubbing
  • Body Rubbing
  • Bite marks on Horses
  • Rain Rot
  • Scratches
  • Girth Itch
  • Hot Spots on Dogs
  • Keratosis Pilaris
  • Warts
  • Poison Ivy/Oak
  • Wild Parsnip break out
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Bee Stings
  • Used for Aftershave
  • All over body lotion for healthy skin

Original Skin Repair No. 01 is a unique blend of extracts, botanicals,  and essential oils that promotes skin repair and supports hair regrowth with properties that are naturally known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral. It’s thin and goes on smooth as silk. This product was developed specifically to calm skin, repair tissue and promote healthy cell growth. The development took over a year of blending just the right ingredients together to finally unveil this exclusive remedy for everyone. This product is thin in viscosity and a little goes a long way. 


We love Original Skin Repair No. 01 so much we put it in many of our other products!

For you, our Original Skin Repair No. 01 is an amazing skincare product that feels smooth and offers relief from a variety of skin issues including allergies, red inflamed skin, itchy skin, psoriasis, dermatitis, hard to heal skin, acne, cold sores, athlete’s foot, bug bites and more. It can also be applied onto the roots of your hair a few times a week and massage around your whole scalp to promote hair regrowth. It can also help to calm an itchy scalp.  Our Original Skin Repair No. 01 is a “go-to” product for so many things. It is fast becoming a household mainstay and a must in the barn. You will love Original Skin Repair No. 01!

The love for Horses is the whole reason I began the development of our Original Skin Repair No. 01! Apply to the base of the mane and on the tailbone to calm the skin and to stop itching and rubbing, and in turn, promotes growing long thick beautiful manes and tails. It offers results for rain rot, itchy skin, scratches, insect bites, fungus, girth itch and more. This product is my “go-to” for so many things! When I’m grooming my horses, if they have any marks on them either from other horses, bug bites, rubbing, etc. I apply a small amount to the area. It calms skin and promotes hair regrowth. 

For your dog, Original Skin Repair No. 01 offers relief from hot spots, itchy skin allergies, tick and insect bites and more. Our older Border Collie had hot spots and I applied for 4-5 days and it’s completely gone. This product works well to calm itchy skin for dogs with various skin irritations. 

Ranch Life Naturals Mission

Our mission at Ranch Life Naturals is to develop and offer products that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for everyone. We pour our heart and soul into every single batch of product that leaves our ranch. What this means is that every product that shows up at your door is held to a high standard and we do our best to offer you the best. We care about you, your family and the horses and dogs you love.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 9.5 in

16 oz. Disc Cap, 16 oz. Pump, 32 oz. Refill, 8 oz. Disc Cap, 8 oz. Pump, Pump for 16 oz., Pump for 32 oz

Benefits of Original Skin Repair No. 01


Original Skin Repair No. 01 was developed specifically to calm skin, repair tissue and promote healthy cell growth. 

Some of the beneficial ingredient super stars are:

  • Witch-Hazel extract, which has astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.


  • Borage seed oil is used for skin disorders including eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and neurodermatitis. 


  • Tamanu oil is a remarkable topical healing agent with skin healing, antineuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant properties.


  • Organic Oat proves to be able to protect the skin and provides relief when the skin is irritated, red and or itchy due to a rash, acne, eczema or insect bites. Its anti-fungal activity is helpful in treating skin inflammation conditions for both people and animals.


  • Organic Gotu Kola is considered the “herb of enlightenment” and one of the most powerful of the rejuvenating herbs. Many clinical reports document strong wound healing and collagen stimulating properties, as well as scar tissue reduction, anti-inflammatory actions and an ability to increase the level of antioxidants in newly formed tissue.


  • Horsetail is a perennial plant and an herbal remedy that dates back to ancient Rome.. It was used traditionally to stop bleeding, heal ulcers and wounds


  • Wild Geranium extract is from a beautiful flower and is an astringent and contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, thus making it effective in treating skin problems, such as allergies, irritations, burns, and inflammation.

“We sent OSR No. 01 to people that span the globe who were willing to try it on their horses, dogs and themselves. The results and feed back has been simply amazing and the diversity of our Original Skin Repair No. 01 has unfolded to show it has helped many different skin issues from many walks of life.  To develop and offer a natural product, that helps people and the animals they love, have better quality of life is a dream that has become reality.”



Ingredients: Deionized Water, Witch Hazel, Argon Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil, Coconut Oil, Vit. E, CoQ10, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Sage Oil, Organic Oat, Yarrow, Silk Protein Amino Acid Blend, Green Tea, Gotu Kola, Horse Tail, Wild Geranium, Dandelion, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sodium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Visit our ingredient dictionary for a comprehensive listing of the ingredients in all our skin and hair care products as well as the horse herbs and the dog and horse treats. Our ingredient dictionary is in alphabetical order for your convenience and quick reference.

Before & After Testimonials with Photos


“I literally use Original Skin Repair No. 01 on everything!!! Nails, cuts, sunburn, bug bites, acne, itchy scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows!!! I can not live without this!! “

“Right is 1, 2 & 3 weeks applying skin repair to my nails. Left is applying Original Skin Repair 4-5 weeks straight using it morning and night. I don’t use fancy mascara either to make lashes look longer.”


“After using the Original Skin Repair No. 01 lotion and the Charcoal soap for only a few months, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin! My acne has cleared up great and my skin, overall, feels so much healthier. I’ve going to the dermatologist for about 2 1/2 years and nothing was working for my skin the way I wanted it to, but within a few months of using Ranch Life Natural products, the difference is crazy! I cannot be more happy with my skin.”



This little boy was outside playing and was chewed up by mosquitoes! His mother brought him in and applied Original Skin Repair No. 01 and 20 minutes later the itch and redness was gone!



“I am so impressed with this product!”

I have been using The Original Skin Repair No. 01 on my wild parsnip breakout. It is the only thing that stops the itch. The main breakout blistered horribly seeped and was a huge mess.  I began using the Original skin repair… my skin was very fragile in this area had to wrap it while working. The 1st picture is the blistering 2nd photo is  5 days of the skin repair. My arm scabbed up and now the new skin feels pretty smooth. I have read that the discoloration can take 2 years to disappear. The other areas are small and I am still getting new areas this stuff spreads! This has been a 2-week process. The Original skin repair is amazingly effective for the itch. As a side benefit my elbows that have been dry cracked and red (for the last two years) have totally healed as I have been putting the Skin Repair on my whole arm.”

This 3 year old Arabian gelding was severely rubbing his tail bald. The horse owner had tried many different products to get her gelding to stop rubbing. She purchased Original Skin Repair No. 01 and applied it all over the tail area where his was rubbing. He stopped rubbing and the hair is growing back nicely after 4 weeks!


“I’m so happy I decided to use the Original Skin Repair No. 01 on my colts mane! He has a gorgeous frosted mane and he rubbed it off the end of last summer. I decided to give this product a try and I’m so happy I did!! Amazing growth on him mane!”


Thank you, Sue and Ranch Life Naturals!

“My poor mare has suffered with chronic itchy skin since moving to the Pacific Northwest it gets so bad that she will rub sores from itching so much.  In just 5 days after bathing my mare with Original Calm Skin Shampoo and Calm Skin Conditioner as well as a daily application of Original Skin Repair No. 01, my mares hair is already growing back! Just love this stuff.  I have also used the Original Detangler No. 02.  It is great product because I am unable to wash my girls’ manes and tails all fall and winter and living out in the pasture they get matted and dirty.  The detangler is light and not oily, so using the detangler does not attract dirt and softens their hair! I would highly recommend any Ranch Life Naturals products.”


“My daughter had what I believe to be a wart on her finger tip. 2 1/2 weeks of Original Skin Repair No. 01 every day under duct tape for a couple days as well. It’s like it was never there!”



“I’m a believer in Ranch Life Naturals products, especially the Original Skin Repair. This time however it really outdid itself and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. We picked up our new mare Desi early October and she was in pretty poor condition. Her rubbed off mane was only one of her issues, it was pretty bad-literally rubbed raw.  We got her home and I immediately started applying RLN Original Skin Repair No. 01 to her mane and in a matter of days a crusty layer of skin was lifting away. I kept using it, not as frequent as I could have been, but it still worked wonders. After about a month her mane has grown back wonderfully! You can’t even see the bald spot anymore!
All of Sue’s products are great but the Skin Repair remains my favorite!  Well done Sue, Thank you for helping her grow her mane back. “😊


54 reviews for Original Skin Repair No. 01

  1. Kate Naff

    The Original Skin Repair No. 01 is an all-round skin repair for horses, dogs, and people. I final found something that will heal sunburn (People or horses!), cinch galls on horses, scrapes, and everything else I have tried it on.

  2. Marissa

    My skin and scalp usually really bug me. It’s very dry here in Texas, I’m very prone to tinea versicolor and other issues but this sets all my issues straight. Makes my hair absolutely beautiful and makes my scalp feel healthy and clean.

  3. Donna

    I love the healing properties and how it helps with itching from bug bites. Great for summer dried feet too!

  4. Anne Marie

    My teens use this on the daily for acne. It’s also great at helping to heal minor cuts and scrapes. Recommend!

  5. foxelayd

    Now days I find myself keeping a bottle of Original Skin Repair handy at home, in the barn, but also in the truck, just wherever I am. Helps those cuts & scrapes heal quickly too. It brings instant relief when you catch a fur baby with an itch. too! They all love it! Makes a wonderful gift also.

  6. Angie Hollins

    I use original skin repair daily on my scar from surgery, and it looks so much better than I could have ever excepted! Skin Repair is seriously amazing and can be used for so many things! If you haven’t tried, give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!

  7. Caylyn

    This product is simply amazing. I had a scar on my leg that has been there for over a year. I started using this skin repair product daily and the scar completely vanished! I couldn’t believe it!

  8. Laurie Hughes

    Skin Repair is the absolute best, it is so versatile. I use it for everything from improving eyelashes, and fingernails to burns, and bug bites, it’s uses are endless.


    All of Ranch Life Naturals are wonderful. I use the Skin Repair on my face, neck, new scars, bug bites, on my feet and even put on my cat’s back when she developed a rectangular bare spot. She accepted the application, twice or three times a day, and it cleared up. Will always have it handy !

  10. KELLI Weaver-Smith

    I LOVE this product!!
    I have used it for my face, neck and chest. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and I have seen a noticeable change in the looks of my skin.
    I also had gotten a sun burn and I put that on it and the next morning the redness was gone and so was the pain.

  11. Sarah Whitten

    Adding to the list of solid reviews. Probably one of Sue’s most well loved products with reason. I loved using it for sunburn on myself and my pink skinned Appaloosa. Unfortunately it did not help my Appys mane to grow but no surprise there. Lol. At least she looks authentic to the breed with comfortable skin. 🙂

  12. Jennifer Chilcote

    This product is absolutely amazing!! I bought it for a mare I had that was rubbing her tail raw! I had bought and tried sooooo many products, supplements and other things that did not work. I can’t tell you how much money I wasted… So when the skin repair lotion arrived, I started using it right away. Within a day or 2, I could tell it was working and that my mare wasn’t rubbing it anymore. It also helps to regrow the hair too. It can be used on soooo many things! On horses, dogs, people too. I’ve used it on bug bites, eczema, burns, cuts and much more. Such a great product, plus its natural and works!!!!! Get it, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  13. Lisa Hansen

    I LOVE this stuff! I use it on literally on everything! This stuff is amazing!

  14. Kathy Nyborg

    My horse scratched relentlessly. This helps him stop and lets his mane and tail grow back in. Always in my barn supply!

  15. Molly Brown

    This is my go-to for hot spots on my mare. She loves it when I massage it into the dock of her tail and base of her mane.

    My own skin has a love/hate relationship with tea tree oil, so I only use this for my mare.

  16. Tia

    My mare had a huge chunk of her tail rubbed off at the base and I used this almost daily and the hair is growing back in quickly and so much more healthy. I’m super impressed!

  17. Jessica Flores

    I love this i use this on my face when I break out. Once I start to break out it starts to take it away with in 2 days instead of taking the zit to take for ever to come in and then take forever to leave to. My fiance also uses it on his psoriasis when it starts to get itchy and get red and inflamed and it helps it stop itching and takes the redness away. I also have had other people try it and they love it.

  18. Lana Toelke

    This skin repair is AhhMAZing! I had a spots on my scalp that expensive prescription medications would help, but never cleared it up. I have tried so many things and nothing did the trick until now. Just a couple of weeks with this product and GONE, no more raised itchy spots. I absolutely am sold on the Original Skin Repair! I tend to get really dry skin in the winter, so I use it twice daily, and what a difference! Thank you Sue, for natural products that work!!

  19. Barbara Hantsman

    I love Natural Skin Repair. I use it on myself, all my critters and have given it to friends with different skin issues. Every person I have given it to orders their own because it quickly resolved their problems.

  20. Stephanie Bryant

    I ‘m not sure what my family did without Original Skin Repair! It has become the blemish reducer for both of my children’s facial breakouts. We have used it as a mosquito repellent on our necks and arms during summer evenings. It works wonders on bacterial and fungal infections. Did I mention that it smells good, too?! Thank you, Sue, for such a wonderful product!

  21. Faith Hunt

    Since receiving cancer treatment, I find that I am severely reactive to bug bites. They welt up and itch unbelievably. I have tried every anti-itch cream known and found the Original Skin Repair is the ONLY thing that will relieve the itching. Thank you, thank you.

  22. Cheryl

    I have 2 horses that suffer from allergies in the summer and in the past have rubbed out their manes, upper tails, and damaged surrounding skin in their efforts to scratch what itches. I used Sue’s Original Skin Repair on their itchy areas daily this past spring/summer/fall and for the first time since moving to TX, they were much more comfortable and kept their manes and tails! If you have a horse with seasonal itching, give this a try! I have also used it on family members’ insect bites and it relieves itching for people also. Great product!

  23. cjmblance

    I absolutely am sold on the Original Skin Repair! We have used it on just about everything we can think of! I have a 2 year old colt that has a sarcoid on his neck and I have been using this product on it 2-3 times per week. The sarcoid is almost gone! My daughter has used it on her quads from saddle burns and it cleared that up faster than any prescription ointment. My husband has itchy arms when the weather is dry and it takes the itch away immediately. I absolutely love all of Sue’s products. I am a huge promoter and would secretly love to sell her product!

  24. Misty Marie

    I love that I have a natural product for irritations on my skin.

  25. Lindsey Berry

    This is my absolute go-to. It saves the manes of two of my horses. It cured rainrot on a client’s horse. It helps my own eczema! I use it on all my horses regularly and it helps keep their coats healthy and lustrous. It smells great too!!

  26. Cheryl Sofaly

    My horse has kept his tail this year! I have to put it on every day or he gets itchy and starts to rub again due to insect hypersensitivity but the difference from this time last year is huge. I also use it on other skin wounds as well as mosquito and chigger bites and it does stop itching and therefore speed healing of a variety of ailments.

  27. Rebecca Barrett

    I absolutely love this product! Last night I had mosquito bites all over my legs so I rub this product all over my legs. In the morning they were all completely gone! Bravo Ranch Life Naturals!

  28. Karen Nolte

    I’ve used this for skin irritation and bug bites on myself, my kids, puppy, and horses. It really help calm the irritation almost immediately. Great product.

  29. Deborah S.

    I love the Original Skin Repair No 01 for everything from Humans to Pet to Horses. I can see the difference of my Black Pearl & Misty’s Mane. I put it on top of their mane and now they have about 2 inches of new growth from this last winter.

  30. Bonnie

    My husband uses the Original Skin Repair #01,for his rosacea on his face and it helps with the irritations. It is a great product. I am looking forward to trying it on mosquito bites this summer:)

  31. Misty Marie

    I love this product! I use it on my scalp to prevent irritations. I also put it on my body if a minor scratch or scrape is bothering me. I really like how it smells on my skin. Great product! Thanks Ranch Life Naturals.

  32. Elizabeth S

    Just started with this product but can not believe the results! Bought it for my horse, but love it on my skin as well. Will definitely buy more

  33. Valerie

    Thank your for bringing us original skin repair no.1. I keep this handle for all kinds of bumps, scrapes, & itches, but am so grateful it was the first thing I grabbed after spilling a hot cup of coffee in my lap! I didn’t know if it was the best choice until the pain subsided immediately! I continued to use it exclusively & my burned inner thighs healed rapidly, with bare;y a mark left! No pain or itching once applied!

  34. Kathy R

    Love the Skin Repair, just ordered another bottle. Use on my face for my 65 year old breakouts of weird bumps and dry skin. I have peace of mind knowing I’m not putting unknown chemicals on my skin. Gave a bottle to my daughter for her family. Thank you Sue!

  35. Maggie Blackburn

    Love this product for everything! It has replaced steroid skin products prescribed by my dermatologist with much better results, love it as a weekly “hair mask” for my scalp when having a spa day, swear by it for all of our Horses manes/tails, completely & quickly cured a hot spot on my German Shepherd. We cannot be without this product in our Home or Ranch!

  36. Terri smith

    This stuff is the bomb! I’ve had Psoriasis for years & this product has helped far better than any script ever has. I use it twice a day & have clear skin for the first time. It’s very soothing & not at all greasy.

  37. missy schullo

    This product is a must have great for so many things. Helped with the break outs on my face.

  38. Barbara Friesenhahn

    Original Skin Repair works wonders on my face, hands, body and my horses! It’s soothing, healing properties are so refreshing!

  39. Linda

    I love this product!!!
    I started to get crepey skin on my chest and it was so deep nothing did the trick. I used skin repair on it for a month and started to see results. Now my chest is
    smooth like 20 years ago. Thank you RLN

  40. Kris

    Great product! I have a bottle in the house and one in the barn. I used it on the horses for tail rubbing and itchy skin. On myself I use with the before the hand and body cream on my arms. I have used on rashes and itchy bug bites with good results.

  41. Anna Velkey-Solvberg

    We have a horse that was rubbing much of his tail and main due to sweet itch. I have tried so many creams and sprays that claimed to sooth or stop the skin irritation and therefore help it to recover to no avail. Finally I decided I am going to order this product all the way from the USA. I could hardly wait for it to arrive and after only a few days of application I could see signs of new hair growth on the rubbed off skin. I am so grateful to have given a chance to the Original Skin Repair, despite the fact that are continents apart: it was such a relief for our stallion.

  42. Anna Sprenger

    I am a dog groomer and use this product in my salon, it has done wonders for my clients 😀

  43. Sandy Jones

    I give this product a huge thumbs up! It has helped our family with so many things. My son had bug bites and when applied the itch stopped very quickly and the redness went away. My daughter had a rash that would not go away until she applied the skin repair. I’ve used it on my scalp on a psoriasis spot and we’ve used it on our dogs itchy belly. We have also used it on rain rot on a horse of ours. The product is outstanding and everyone should have it.

  44. Frank

    I have broken down skin on my lower legs. Skin repair #1 has worked wonders on it. I use it regularly to keep the skin soft and not cracking.

  45. Abigail Deener

    So for this review I have to say I use it for multiple things. My teenage daughters use this on their face for acne and has been cleared by it. Super exciting. Then I used it on my twin boys who have cradle cap and this also has cleared that up. I have also been using it regularly with the detangler that you can also buy to help with hair growth and health. Quite frankly our whole family uses it for multiple reason, it’s great for skin health and hair. Love this stuff

  46. Anne Margaret

    This product is amazing! My mare was rubbing her mane and when I put the skin repair on, she stopped rubbing. I applied it daily for several weeks and her mane grew back in quickly. I also put this on my dog that had hot spots. In addition, I use it on my own skin for my psoriasis. Truly one of the best products I’ve ever used! I highly recommend the skin repair!

  47. Barb Dekay

    This was my first purchase for my Bernese My dog. He has itchy raw spots from contact allergy that can get infected with staph or worse. Skin repair soothes and heals regrows missing hair patches. I also use for scrapes on me and any skin irritation. It helps dry wound and disinfect. Heals fast. Simple and True.

  48. McKayla

    Wonderful product. I use it on my horses to stop them from rubbing manes/tails, on my horse that is very sensitive to bug bites-it calms her skin down immensely and prevents her from itching herself literally bald. I use it on myself for skin irritations, and have used it on my baby to clear up cradle cap.

  49. Betsy Bonynge

    This skin lotion is the best. I have used it twice daily on a 6 inch cut that was 1 inch wide. The hair didn’t grow back right away. After several months in the middle of winter the hair started to grow. I have also used thus skim lotion to take away fungus on another horse.

  50. Angela

    I had some certain areas on my skin that had been treated with steroid creme multiple times in the past which caused the skin to be very thin. I also have stretch marks that were very visible. I have been using it daily on all of these areas and I no longer have itchy irritated skin where the skin was super thin, and the stretch marks are getting lighter everyday! This is by far the best skin product I have ever used. I highly recommend it.

  51. Kathryn Jessop

    This stuff is soooo AWESOME!!!! I use it on my dog, horse, and myself. I will never use anything but this stuff again. Thank you soo much Sue for developing an all natural product that works sooo wonderfully!!!!

  52. Caroline Sims

    This is such an awesome product, it’s extremely versatile and being all natural is a huge bonus in my books especially when it comes to being used on not just me but my animals! I’ve used it for any itchy spots myself, as well for promoting growth of sections of my hair that I had shaved off last year and am growing back. I’ve also used it for my dogs when they’ve had really itchy ears and it’s made a world of difference for them! Love it!

  53. Jerri Bartlett

    This is great stuff! I use it on me, my horses and even used it to clear up a hot spot on one of my dogs! Any kind of irritation, this is my go to!

  54. Tabigurl

    I absolutely love this skin repair. I use this on my face every morning and night after I wash with the Betty bar! I have also used it on skin irritation and it clears up quickly! Love it!!

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