Paws & Hide Crème No. 06

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  • Repairs dry cracked paw pads
  • Restores and softens dry noses
  • Softens dry elbows in older dogs
  • Use with our Original Skin Repair No. 01 for Hot Spots
  • Contains Colloidal Oatmeal to help with itching
  • Anti-fungal – anti-bacterial properties 
  • Arnica Montana known for bruise repair
  • Human grade and works well for your hands and feet too!

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Paws & Hide Crème No. 06 is a rich creamy blend that softens,  soothes, is unscented and enriched with colloidal oatmeal to assist with itchy paws as well as dry paw pads.  The ingredients have properties that are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and Arnica Montana assists with bruise repair. Paws & Hide is safe if your dog should lick their pads after you rub it in. Keep your dog from licking while you rub it in and it’s best if the dog can not lick their paws until the crème can penetrate the pads. Paws & Hide Crème No. 06 works amazing on your paws too! 

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Our mission at Ranch Life Naturals is to develop and offer products that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for everyone. We pour our heart and soul into every single batch of product that leaves our ranch. What this means is that every product that shows up at your door is held to a high standard and we do our best to offer you the best. We care about you, your family and the horses and dogs you love.

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Weight 3 oz

5 reviews for Paws & Hide Crème No. 06

  1. Marissa

    Completely stopped our pup from chewing at his paw pads. Excellent product

  2. Erica F.

    I use this cream for human feet – both mine and my husband’s! My husband prefers lotions/creams with little to no odor (or at least not something too feminine smelling). This certainly fits the bill – no odor – and does a great job at moisturizing feet and even lower legs!

  3. Heather Wimer

    My dog has a tendency to chew on her paws. This has made her much more comfortable!

  4. Heidi Christman

    Our German Shepherd was dealing with a pretty significant skin infection. After months of antibiotics from the vet it was getting better but at an extremely slow pace. We started using Paws&Hide and it sped up healing exponentially! He finally had relief from the itching and the healing process could complete!

  5. Julie Walker

    Ok, so I bought this for our dog and it works great. Then I read it is good for human feet too! My feet are chronically dry so after Queenie B got her “pedicure” I used it on my feet. It works great. Gone is the cracked and dry skin on my heals. My feet look great! QB and I love this product!

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