Horse Herb Allergy Blend

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  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Helps relieve coughing
  • Helps relieve runny eyes
  • Useful for respiratory & skin allergies
  • Most horses love the taste
  • Half cup servings for approx. 1000 lbs. horse
  • Veterinarian Recommended

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Our Horse Herb Allergy Blend supports a healthy immune system making it useful for respiratory & skin allergies. Known to help relieve coughing and runny eyes due to allergies. We have many customers now feeding our allergy blend to their horses with success.

Directions: Give 1/2 cup herb blend once per day per 1000 pound horse. Best to soak the herbs in water overnight to make the nutrients more readily available. Relief should start to be noticed in 2 weeks.

Ingredients: Red Clover, Fenugreek Seeds, Dandelion Leaf, Chamomile Flowers, Burdock Root, Nettle Leaves, Minced Garlic & Kelp flakes.

(Please Note: Not intended for pregnant mares as Red Clover, Fenugreek & Burdock Root can act as a uterine stimulant.)

We have a sample taste test size, a  2 week supply and a 60 day supply for approx. 1000 lb. horse. We find that most horses really like the herb blend and eat it readily. The 2 week supply of herbs is for new customers to see if their horse responds to the allergy blend. Typically within 2 weeks of soaking the herbs and feeding it daily, you should see some results. Topdressing your horses’ grain is an easy way to feed the herbs. If you do not feed grain, your horse will likely eat the herbs just plain.

Horses are herbivores so it is natural for them to seek out and eat herbs which have healing properties in their seeds, flowers, roots, stems or leaves. Most of our horses do not live in an environment where these natural herbs are available, so we blended 8 herbs to offer a palatable effective supplement.

We have many customers now using our Horse Herb Allergy Blend and they find it very effective for a variety of respiratory allergies as well as skin allergies for their horses.  See the knowledge of why we put these 8 natural ingredients together to promote allergy relief.


Red Clover: Red clover is an excellent blood cleanser and it is a wonderful remedy for skin disorders such as sweet itch and dermatitis.  Red Clover is fed to help cleanse the blood when a horse has itchy skin and supports a healthy immune system and also acts as an antispasmodic and expectorant which is useful for treating respiratory allergies. Also beneficial if the horse is weak and rundown and needs to regain strength.

Fenugreek:  Fenugreek seeds are very nourishing containing vitamins A, B, C, and vitamin E. These seeds function to strengthen the respiratory system, the mucous membranes, and the sinus in cases of upper respiratory infection, sinus issues, or congestion. The seed is anti-inflammatory and promotes conditioning of body, hair coat, and hooves.  It is very palatable and helps with picky eaters. Being that Fenugreek is a uterine stimulant it should not be used on pregnant mares, however, after foaling will help with milk production.

Dandelion: Dandelion Leaf is high in vitamins A, B, C, and D, and rich in potassium, sodium, calcium and other minerals, dandelion functions as a tonic by stimulating liver function, bile production, and kidney function. It helps the body clear itself of toxins and is believed to purify the blood. It’s a strong botanical ally when used in rehabilitation or conditioning mixes, especially for horses that undergo the stress of competition. The Dandelion leaves are known as a natural electrolyte and aids in flushing the system of toxins that may contribute to inflammation which makes it ideal for allergies.

Chamomile:  Chamomile flowers are anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic and a natural relaxant. The flowers are high in calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, and manganese and help to regulate the parasympathetic nervous system as well as aid in digestion. Chamomile is often used to treat allergic reactions, both externally and internally with its anti-inflammatory properties, and is naturally calming and promotes a healthy digestive tract.

Burdock: Burdock root has a high amino acid profile and is high in minerals. It is naturally antiseptic and is known as the ultimate tissue cleanser.  It is very useful to help promote healing skin and tissue, helping the tissues remove any excess toxins, making it ideal for use in chronic inflammatory or infective disorders. Due to its detoxing nature, it is important that burdock should be used alongside an herb such as nettle that helps with the removal of these toxins from the system. Burdock is an excellent digestive aid and has also been used in the treatment of arthritis, blood disorders, liver and kidney function or toxic conditions which result in skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, sores, boils or dry scurfy skin.

Nettle: When cut and dried, nettle loses its sting and becomes a valuable herb and is one of nature’s richest sources of iron, which can often be a mineral lacking in an equine diet.  Nettles also contain histamine, serotonin, potassium, silica, vitamins A and C, and a whole host of other minerals.  It’s one of the most widely useful plants that help strengthen and support the whole body.  Nettles support the immune, respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems, and can help the body fight allergic responses.  Additionally, nettles will strengthen hoof and coat health-promoting dapples in the horse’s hair coat.

Garlic: Garlic is known to improve equine respiratory problems and act as a natural fly repellent. It is also beneficial for promoting good gut flora. It also acts as a blood cleansing agent and offers immune system support.

Kelp: The kelp we use is bioavailable and readily utilized and contains trace minerals, micronutrients, and amino acids as well as many natural vitamins. Kelp assists in boosting the immune system, balance hormones and promotes gastrointestinal health. It is a natural source of iodine that helps thyroid and metabolic function and promotes a shiny coat, supple skin, promotes better reproductive performance, purges heavy metals, and assists in more efficient feed utilization.

“We also have Horse Herb Mare & Foal,  Black Coat and Horse Herb Colorful Coat

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Our mission at Ranch Life Naturals is to develop and offer products that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for everyone. We pour our heart and soul into every single batch of product that leaves our ranch. What this means is that every product that shows up at your door is held to a high standard and we do our best to offer you the best. We care about you, your family and the horses and dogs you love.

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions N/A
Herb Size

60 half cups, 14 half cups, 1 1/2 cup sample bag

Indications & Directions


Indications: This allergy calming blend supports a healthy immune system making it useful for skin and respiratory irritations. The ingredients promotes blood cleansing, respiratory strength, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and the nettles act as a natural histamine along with many other benefits listed in the ingredient dictionary. 

 Soaking the herbs definately promotes faster results, however, using herbs does take time. After symptoms calm down, add it dry to the feed ration for maintenance or feed it alone. Our whole herd just loves our herb blend.

Directions: Give ½ cup herb blend once a day per 1000 lbs.  Feed dry or soak in water overnight to make nutrients more readily available. Relief should start to be noticed in 2 weeks.



DISCLAIMER: Ranch Life Naturals recommends that you consult with your veterinarian before feeding, and if any adverse changes occur in your horse while using our products discontinue use. If you have a competition horse, be aware that the chamomile herb may not be allowed, so double check before you feed any herbs. Owner accepts all responsibility while using these products.  The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

12 reviews for Horse Herb Allergy Blend

  1. Cassie G

    Great product, I purchased this after one of my horses had a cough that wouldn’t quite go away. Had a feeling it was allergies and it must have been as he’s been fine since a few weeks after starting.

  2. Trish Phillips

    Horse Herb Allergy blend has helped 2 of my horses. We LOVE it! One horse was having a coughing issue when in my barn and the other had itchy whelps from bugs during southern summers. I was not ready to put them on steroids so I decided to give a more natural approach. It has helped both of my horses that suffer with allergies for different reasons. I recommend it to anyone who has a horse with allergies!

  3. foxelayd

    Horse Herb Allergy Blend has made my sensitive horses so much more comfy, eliminating that sneezing with some of our grasses. I’ve started every horse who coughs or gets a bit of weeping from the eyes on it. The results have been so impressive! A friend had an elderly mare with horrible looking eyes, so messy. She had a half dozen things to treat her, none helped. I put her on routine Horse Herb Allergy Blend & by week’s end she had happy clean eyes again!

  4. Cari Simmons

    Although skeptical, my friend Colleen swore by these herbs, so I tried them fir my mare who has chronic runny and crusty eyes, not expecting much. They smelled delicious and she gobbled them up, the ingredients are wholesome and organic, so I figured they couldn’t harm her. To my amazement, in less than a week, her eyes cleared- entirely. They remain clear and bright and she is happily gobbling the herbs! So much better than prescription meds! Love this solution and am keeping her on them. A side benefit, without the eye discharge, less flies around her face!!!

  5. Jennifer Chilcote

    This blend is absolutely amazing! I bought a mare last spring and when I got her home a few days later, she had developed severe hives, runny eyes & nose and was just miserable! I had to give her a couple doses of a steroid, to calm things down. After that I tried a few things that didn’t work. Did some research and put her on Cetirizine, then ordered this herb blend and started her on it as well. It worked very well, and she was back to normal a couple weeks later. I was able to back down on the Cetirizine. This year she had the runny eyes and nose. I started her on the herbs and it seems to be doing the trick by itself this year. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! All of the products I’ve tried, I absolutely love. So glad I found this company. Sue is great. I spoke with her on the phone about my mares issues, and she recommended a few things. Thanks so much for all you do Sue!

  6. elliott2408

    I love this product! I tried it thinking it might help with tail rubbing. What I really noticed is how much better his eyes looked! No weeping. I’ve kept him on it because I saw such an improvement. The tail rubbing stopped once I got him on the Horse Herb Coat Supplement – and one side benefit to incorporating the herb coat product into his diet is that his tail is the nicest that it’s looked in the seven years I’ve owned him! Thick, with several inches of new growth, and no rubbing!

  7. Judith Roberts

    I have a 21 yr old Morgan Haflinger cross gelding. This summer he’s developed watery eyes which then attract flies. I’ve tried all sorts of fly lotions on his face thinking the watery eyes were from fly irritation. He goes out at night because of the heat at this time of year and I even put a fly mask on him at night. I now think it’s allergies that cause the runny eyes that then attract the flies. So I tried a two supply of the horse allergy blend. He’s been on it for 9 days and there is a very noticeable improvement. No fly mask at night and his eyes are usually clear in the morning. He doesn’t get much feed as he’s a very easy keeper. Only 1C feed at night with the herbs and a little oil and he eats it all up! Another great RLN product! Thank you Sue!
    Judy Roberts Loudonville Ohio

  8. Ann Thomas

    A very good product for my Morgan mare’s allergies. She has been on prescription antihistamines and other supplements in the past. This works the best of what I have tried, and doesn’t make her sleepy. She thinks it’s very tasty, too.

  9. Linda

    My Morgan mare suffers from seasonal allergies …. is beyond herself with itchy skin from spring till fall. Gets huge welts from insect bites. I started using the skin repair which does really well with instant relief although If it rains it’s washed away….I was actually looking for something that works from the inside out. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen this product , not only is it working but she just loves!! Licks it right out of my hand. I must say it smells good enough to eat myself.

  10. Sandy Jones

    We have a mare that has had bad allergies and our vet actually had heard of these herbs and recommended them to us. We purchased them and after about a week and a half, her cough is gone. It’s amazing! We soak the herbs daily and give her. She loves the herbs on her grain. I would recommend these to anyone with a horse having allergies and coughing.

  11. Colleen Tucker

    This is the first of the Ranch Life Naturals products that I used. I recently acquired a mare who suffered from seasonal allergies, and she was relocated to a significantly different climate, so I wanted to make sure that she had all she needed to be comfortable and minimize the cough she occasionally experienced. She has been consuming these herbs for quite some time, and she has experienced absolutely no symptoms of allergies at all. Additionally, she loves these herbs and looks forward to them! A win win! Love Ranch Life Naturals!

  12. Anne Margaret

    I purchased these herbs for my gelding that coughs from allergies. We had tried everything with our vet. After just a few weeks he stopped coughing and he’s been on them now for the last year. This herb blend is amazing! So happy to have found this site. I highly recommend this product for horses with allergies.

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