Borstiq Finishing Brush

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The Borstiq Finishing Brush is a luxurious, soft finishing brush made from very soft horsehair. It lifts the finest particle up and away from your horses coat for a finishing shine!


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Finishing Brush – Fine Bristles –  8″ x 2.75″ x 3″

Borstiq brushes are the ultimate grooming brush handmade in Sweden by adult artisans and the quality is evident from the moment you pick one up. Owning a Borstiq horse brush is a real pleasure as they are ergonomically designed for the comfort of your hand and truly made to be used. They are crafted primarily from natural materials, including beachwood tops, natural bristles and fibres as well as reasonably priced and made to last.  Borstiq brushes are a quality investment for you and your horse.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2.75 × 3 in

1 review for Borstiq Finishing Brush

  1. Sandy Jones

    I LOVE this brush! After brushing with the other brushes in my set this very soft brush makes my horse so shiny! I really like the shape of these brushes.

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