Be Aware of Ticks!

I’m sharing this to help horse owners who live in areas where ticks are to be aware… Yesterday morning RBD Callista Dae Dun, our 2 year old Moriesian filly was not herself. More quiet than usual if that’s possible… I could tell she didn’t feel good and noticed her standing with the others around the hay, but not eating. I took her temp and it was 103. Her blood test reveals tick born pathogens anaplasma. She is being treated with an antibiotic and should be fine because we caught this early, however, untreated can be fatal. Check your horses for ticks.

Special thanks to Dr. Abagail for taking such good care of Callista. 

This is exactly why I developed a “Tick &n Insect Repellent” as part of Ranch Life Naturals product line. 25 gallons arrived a few days ago and my bottles are being labeled as I type. I hope to have it available in a few weeks.

Our Tick & Insect Repellent is human grade and can be used for people, horses and dogs. I have found it to repel the ticks for about 3 days or so on our dogs. It is a product that is safe and natural and will need to be reapplied. I hope to have it available the beginning of August. 

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