Clear Up Acne Success Story

We have had many customers share with us that our Original Skin Repair No. 01 clears up their acne. One of our customers sent us this before and after comparison to show how beautiful and clear her complexion is after using our products. She used “The Betty Bar” and then applied the Original Skin Repair No. 01 every day to her face.  She has said she is so glad that her face does not hurt anymore and she has no more scaring. The results is amazing and as the developer of this products, it is so rewarding to see my product help people. I too use both the Betty bar and the Skin Repair on my face every day for clear skin.


We give special thanks to this beautiful young gal for sharing photos with us.


The diversity of our Original Skin Repair No. 01 is growing every day and is simply wonderful. The ingredient deck has so many benefits! 

Original Skin Repair No. 01 is a unique human grade formula blending extracts, botanicals,  and essential oils that promotes skin repair and supports hair regrowth with properties that are naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral. 

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