Success Stories At The Farmers Market!

I have two stories to share that stand out and humbly filled my heart with reward and thankful pride yesterday. 
While at the Country Farmers Market two different people approached me and said “I have to tell you a story…

The first story, a woman approached with a smile and said “Do I have a story for you!” and she new exactly what she wanted. As she filled her arms with the large size of detangler she shared with me that her grand daughter has beautiful long hair and is autistic. Her grand daughter cannot handle the feeling of brushing her hair very well at all and the tangles make it a daily struggle. She said the detangler changed their life and she thanked me so much for making this product… they have tried many detanglers and hair products for years and this one hit a home run! Her grand daughter loves the feel and the scent and it detangles so well to make hair brushing a postive experience now. (This means so much to me to help somone with a daily struggle…/original-detangler-no-02/

The second story, a woman and her husband stopped and and she held out her hands and said, “Do you remember me?” I was quickly recalling people from past market days and she was familier from a few weeks ago. Her hands had been so dry and cracked they were peeling and bleeding. She said she had Eczema and she suffers terribly from it for many years. The hands she held out yesterday were beautiful! They were smooth, clear and soft. I held her hands looking at them and told her how beautiful they looked. Tears welled up in her eyes and she hugged me and thanked me for making such a big difference in her life. She had been using my Hand & Body Creme No. 07 and her hands do not hurt anymore and she said she’s not embarrassed to have people see her hands. She purchased 3- 16 oz. Sweetgrass Mint Berry Blend Hand & Body Creme’s. Her quiet husband even said, “This is unbelievable because we have tried everything for her hands” As she left with her bag of hand cream, she looked like she won the lottery.…/hand-body-creme-no-07-wild…/

I have to admit tears welled up in my eyes with a feeling of humble reward. It means so much to make a positive difference in someone’s life. It truly makes all the work worth while. 

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