Hand & Body Crème No. 07 ~ Wild Custom Blend Hemp CBD

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Wild Custom Blended Hemp CBD Creme.

Self Care Just For You

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Hand & Body Crème No. 07 ~ Wild Custom Blend Hemp CBD

Wild Custom Blend Hand & Body Crème No. 07 ~ Hemp CBD

     8 oz. ~ 600 mg Hemp CBD      2 oz. ~ 150 mg Hemp CBD 

Our Wild Custom Blend Hemp CBD contains a whole plant extract and is unique in that you can add essential oils of your choice to create your own proprietary blend and it offers great absorption because of the nature of our aloe & shea butter base crème. 

Hemp has a distinct fragrance that is strong and bitter smelling. We are offering essential oils that will blend well with the CBD oil and not only offer additional benefits to your overall health but help to create a scent that you like. Be sure to choose No added oil if you do not want an essential oil added.

We recommend starting with a 2 oz. size to see if our creme works for you and then invest in the 8 oz. size.  

This Hand & Body Creme contains full spectrum concentrated CBD diluted in each container. Keeping the integrity of the Hand & Body Creme No. 07 yet offering results you can feel.

Please Note: Everyone is different in how their body responds to the effects of the CBD Oil. Some individuals report noticing a difference in 30 minutes while others report it takes a week to notice a significant difference. 

Concentrated Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

The hemp extract we use contains over 100 different phytocannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, and CBN, among many others. In addition to the cannabinoids naturally present the hemp extracts, there are many other types of natural molecules in our concentrated hemp extract: terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, trace minerals, and more.

RLN sources our full spectrum concentrated CBD from a very reliable family-oriented Colorado based company that is consistently rated at the top by consumer lab reports and GMP Compliant. Their mission is to make a happy and healthy lifestyle radically accessible to all. They care about their customers ad offer the highest quality CBD oil you can get with sustainably sourced ingredients. The hemp is legally grown in Colorado and they offer batch testing results for us to ensure the safety of the oil we are putting into our product. The Certificate of Analysis reflects independent 3rd party testing for potency & purity from contaminants.

Please Note: Once you’ve created your custom blend, it’s yours and cannot be returned. We make no health claims for our CBD Creme.

Ranch Life Naturals Mission

Our mission at Ranch Life Naturals is to develop and offer products that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for everyone. We pour our heart and soul into every single batch of product that leaves our ranch. What this means is that every product that shows up at your door is held to a high standard and we do our best to offer you the best at an affordable price. We care about you, your family and the horses and dogs you love.

Enjoy our full line of Hand & Body Creme No. 07 variations

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2 oz. (59 mL), 8 oz. (236 mL)

Essential Oils & Blends

Calm Skin-Lavender Blend, Wild Cranberry Outlaw Thieves Blend, Wild Raspberry Almond Vanilla Blend, Wild Sweet Grass Mint Berry Blend, Wild Vanilla Outlaw Thieves Blend, Raphael's Blend, Blue German Chamomile Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Tangerine Essential Oil, Sage Essential Oil, Cypress Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Fir Needle Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Juniper Berry Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil, No Added Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Orange 10 X Essential Oil, Outlaw Thieves Essential Oil Blend, Patchouli Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Wintergreen Essential Oil

What's in the base?

The base for our Wild Custom Blend Hemp CBD is truly amazing!  It is a smooth creamy unscented formula that is exactly the same as our Wild Aloe blend.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Organic Aloe, Organic Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Shea Butter, Tamanu Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, MSM, Organic Arnica Montana, Organic Gotu Kola, Horsetail Extract, Wild Geranium, Organic Dandelion, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Sodium Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin  & a Proprietary Blend of Botanicals, Fragrance Oils and/or Essential Oils. 

Visit our ingredient dictionary for a comprehensive listing of the ingredients in all our skin and hair care products as well as the horse herbs and the dog and horse treats. Our ingredient dictionary is in alphabetical order for your convenience and quick reference.

Helpful CBD Terms

Helpful CBD Terms

  • Amino Acids – Amino Acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins and can be used as energy by the body.
  • Cannabidiol – The initials CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and has been well studied for its effect on human health.
  • Cannabinoids – Cannabinoids are a class of naturally occurring molecules that are primarily found in the cannabis plant.
  • Flavonoids – Flavonoids are natural substances found in fruits, vegetables, grains, bark, roots, stems, teas, and wine. These all play a variety of biological roles in plants, including providing flavor and aroma as well as attracting pollinators.
  • Hemp Seed Oil – Hemp Seed Oil is made from hemp seeds that does not contain any cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil is beneficial for general health due to its ideal ratio of omega-3 fatty acids to omega-6 fatty acids, which promote proper cell, muscle, and organ function.
  • Omega Fatty Acids – Dietary polyunsaturated fats that cannot be manufactured by the body. They play many important roles in the body but are used primarily used for energy. It is important to maintain the correct balance of omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 fatty acids.
  • Phytocannabinoids – Phytocannabinoids are cannabinoids produced within a plant such as cannabis and also found in a few other species such as echinacea, radula, black pepper, and even chocolate (cocoa).
  • Terpenes –  Terpenes are what give cannabis and other plants their distinct smell and flavor.

8 reviews for Hand & Body Crème No. 07 ~ Wild Custom Blend Hemp CBD

  1. Linda M Princl

    I have arthritis in my big toe really bad. To the point it would wake me up out of a dead sleep. I’ve tried pills and nothing really helped. I brought that up to Sue. She told me that the cream may help. I just tried it today and OMG no pill could cure this pain sure enough I put the cream on and in 20 minutes the relief started. Once again Sue never failed me with her products
    I’m telling you that if you have arthritis anywhere you need to buy this it WORKS!!

  2. Julie Sauer

    I’ve used this creme on bruises and irritated skin. My pain went away and the bruises went away quickly. I love this creme!

  3. Lyraberry

    I cannot say enough positive things about this creme. I bought a blend with Cypress essential oil – one I know helps with blood flow – to do a test and see how I liked it and how well it works. I know the science behind CBD oil isn’t complete at this time, after all! I bought a 2oz jar and for the first week, I applied it twice a day, and then, as my reading had suggested CBD stays in your system for a full day, just once. I have early arthritis, carpal tunnel, genetically poor knees and ankles, chronic tendonitis in my elbows, plus very poor circulation in my hands and feet. I live with aches daily, and acute pain after strenuous exercise, and my hands and feet go completely numb when I ride my horses. NOT ANYMORE! My tiny little jar lasted me comfortably for six weeks, as a little bit goes a long way, and my aches subsided, my pain was markedly less severe, and I can ride with full feeling in my hands and feet again. I had a particularly intense training session with one of my young mares, longer and more physically strenuous than we usually do, dismounting with some discomfort and anticipating the aches I would feel the next day. Rubbed my joints with my CBD creme – and woke up the next day WITH NO PAIN AT ALL.
    THIS STUFF WORKS! I’m getting the BIG jar now 😀

  4. Jacqueline Hansen

    I got a small jar lavender scented of the wild custom blend CBD oil 150 mg this works amazingly well. I got my jar for Christmas and will be ordering a big jar next

  5. ranchlifenaturals2017

    I used this product on my low back when it’s aching and it works very well. I’ve rubbed it on my temples and forehead to ease a headache and it’s great for that too. Love this product!

  6. Annette Hepler

    I got a small jar of the Wild Custom Blend CBD with Cypress to try. I have poor circulation, arthritis , etc. Always am stiff in the mornings and can’t hardly walk after a ride…not anymore! The cream has really made a difference. I use it 2X a day ( morning and just before bed) .

  7. Jody Hunt

    I bought the 2 fl oz. just last month. I wanted to make sure it worked for me, I have fibromyalgia. I so wish I had bought the large jar.
    My husband and I both use it almost daily for one reason or another. For arthritis pain, his knee pain, Achilles tendon, his bruised heel and my fibromyalgia pain. We both love it and Yes it really works for us. I definitely would recommend. I’m ordering the large jar today, as we have used almost all the smaller one.
    Thank so much Sue for this wonderful product. 👍👍

  8. K

    I bought this for my husband who has been complaining of what we think is arthritis in his finger. He leaves it on the counter to remember to use it at least 2x a day. It’s been 4 days and just this morning I asked him about it and he said “oh, I forgot it hurt!” 😆 I chose the unscented for him which he likes and we will order the bigger jar when this is done. As he had never used it before, we wanted to start small. Thank you for offering the smaller jar!

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