Giving Basket for the Nursing Home

Hand & Body Creme Sale & 

Giving Basket for the Nursing Home

We have an abundance of Hand & Body Creme’s in stock because as a new business, I overestimated in preparing for events. The shelf life is 18 months, so the creme’s are still top quality for the next year. We just have quite a bit of inventory left and our new bases and ingredients have arrived for 2020. Raphael’s blend is the first of the new batches being made.

Over the next few weeks we will be offering discounts on some of our hand & body creams to help clear our shelves and get our amazing creams into your hands instead of on our shelf. We also want to give to our community, so we have a plan to get our hand creams into some very special hands. 

With every $50 order that includes at least 2 Hand & Body Creams ON SALE, we are going to put a 2 oz. size into a basket to give away to residents/caregivers at a local nursing home. You can also purchase a hand cream and have it added to the basket. Just send me a message that you purchased to donate. 

When the basket is full, we will take it to a local nursing home to give to some very special people who were once very busy and active in our community.They were teachers, business owners, fireman and farmers. They were just like you and me. 

To give them a moisturizing hand cream for their, once hard working hands, with lines that tell stories from the past is going to fill up my heart. We will also give some creams to the caregivers of these wonderful folks. 


My father is in this nursing home . . . Visiting him has put me in the presence of some beautiful old souls. Some are visited by family and friends and sadly some are not. Every time I leave, tears roll down my cheeks. We are all going to be there one day friends. If you know someone in a nursing home, please go visit them. Let them tell you stories from days gone by.

Today I’m taking our Border Collie, Kit, to go see my Dad in the nursing home. He will be so happy to see her.

Please join me in filling this basket and give something special. Thank you all so much for helping with this project. I just added the first hand cream to the basket. 🙂

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