Mountain Meadow Herbs & Bluebird Botanicals

Mountain Meadow Herbs is a Montana based Company that was born from a mother’s desperate search for healing to save her young son with failing kidneys, when doctors said it was impossible and he would not live beyond a year or two. She found natural alternatives to dialysis and a kidney transplant and instead healed her son and through her dedication and research MMH was born. We use and love MMH unique blend of oils & tinctures for overall health so much that we wanted to make it available to our customers.

Founded in 2001 MMH has become a trusted source for superior health offering natural health support from Mother Nature. These proprietary blends of pure extracts from herbs are made daily and combined to support specific body systems and organs promoting optimum health.

These powerful oils are known to be 70% more effective than pill forms because of absorbability. If you can only pick one, the Family Immune-Booster is a great choice in today’s world.

Bluebird Botanicals is a top rated company in Colorado noted for making the highest quality CBD available. We source our CBD oil from Bluebird to blend into our ingredients to make CBD Crème that is safe and effective. We work to keep our CBD Creme on the shelf here at RLN because it’s a top seller.  Many of you have been asking for CBD to take orally so we decided to offer it.