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Jessica Brody contacted us and asked if she could submit an article about pet care for our readers. She has been a pet owner for decades and knows the infinite joy and love that comes from having a pet. But she also remembers how nervous she was when adopting her first dog. She said, “To ease first-time and potential pet owners’ anxiety about caring for a pet, I would love to offer advice on how to be a great pet parent.” 

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3 Easy Ways New Pet Owners Can Keep Dogs Healthy, Safe, and Happy

Being ready to take on the responsibilities of owning your first pet is really important. If you have never had a dog before, you’ll need some help to keep your new family member happy, healthy, and worry-free. So if you are considering adopting or buying your very first pet, here are some tops tips you will want to know.

Set Up Your Home for Your New Pet

Pets can take some work to care for properly, but having the right supplies can make your job easier. You will want to go shopping for dog supplies before you bring your new furry family member home. Electronic dog door and automatic feeders provide comfort and peace of mind when you have to be away from home, but an automatic feeding system also helps to establish regular eating routines for your dog and allows you to better control the portions your dog eats. To help your dog stay as healthy as possible, you will also want to put only the best dog food in your new feeder. Natural, organic dog foods are some of the best options for keeping your dog strong and healthy. With no animal by-products or potentially dangerous additives, choosing natural pet foods can help cut down on common pet health problems, such as allergies and digestive issues. Be sure to round out your pet shopping supply list with a few basics as well. Crates, baby gates, and leashes can all keep your dog out of trouble, while stocking up on cleaning supplies may make cleaning pet messes easier for you.

Adapt Your Life for Owning a New Pet

Getting ready for your new pet means getting the right supplies together, but you also have to make sure your life is ready for the additional responsibilities. One way to make the transition of owning your first pet smoother is to find the perfect dog for your family. Think about your home and your lifestyle when you are considering adding a dog. You will also want to decide between adopting a dog or buying one from a breeder. The decision is up to you, but don’t let fears of shelter pets deter you from adoption. There are many reasons to adopt, and rescued animals can make some of the most loving pets. You’re sure to find an adoptable dog to meet your new pet wishes, but do know that some rescue animals may take more time to settle into a new home. You can help your shelter dog adapt sooner by setting up his own space in your home and staying patient while you both adjust to your life together.

Form a Forever Bond With Your New Pet

As you help your dog settle into their new home with you, you will also want to take some steps to help the two of you bond. Those steps are super simple, however, because the best way to bond with your new pet is to simply spend time together. Use positive reinforcement to help train your pooch and provide some needed mental stimulation. Rescued animals tend to respond well to praise and positive training methods, so give your dog lots of praise for behaving correctly and exercise patience when they misbehave. Many behavioral issues can be resolved, or at least lessened, by keeping your dog active. Burning that excess energy out with frequent play sessions and lots of leashed walks is a great way to connect with your pet while curtailing problematic behaviors. You can use a pup-friendly app to find dog parks and trails to keep that tail wagging. Apps like Bring Fido are handy for locating dog-friendly fun in your area and can make trips with your new pet easier, too.

Adjusting your life to a new pet can take a lot of trial and error, but it will undoubtedly add so much love and happiness to your life. You can use tools and tips to make the process so much easier for you and your furry new family member. So plan ahead before you pick up your new pet, be prepared for all the crazy changes, and get ready to experience a love like never before.

Written by: Jessica Brody

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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