Thumbs Up for Outlaw Thieves!

Ranch Life Naturals Outlaw Thieves Blend

Our lab test results after a week!

We had seen several Thieves bacteria tests being shared around facebook with petri dishes and decided to try our own lab bacteria test to see how our Outlaw Thieves cleaner recipe stands up to the leading brands of cleaner.

Thumbs up for Outlaw Thieves!!


We are offering our Outlaw Thieves essential oil blend along with an essential oil safe bottle with a stylish sticker that you can mix your own blend in and write your recipe on the sticker.

My recipe is:

3 cups water 
1 cups vinegar
48 drops of Thieves (1.5 drop per 1 ounce of water/vinegar blend)
20 drops spearmint or lemon essential oil (optional)


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