Ranch Dog Treats Veterinarian Approved!

Ranch Dog Treats are definately Veterinarian & Lilly, the veterinarian’s dog,  approved!! Thank you for everything you do Abby. I just love Lilly pants. Lilly is 15 years young, deaf and one of the cutest dogs ever. While she was patiently waiting for Abby to finish up caring for one of our horses, I gave her a little treat. 

Our Ranch Dog Treats are now available in Hayward, WI at Leading Edge Veterinary Care Clinic.They have all 5 flavors!
You can also order on line if you are not near Hayward. 


Our Ranch Dog Treats are 100% natural with no preservatives and every little treat is packed with nutrients that has health benefits from flax, chai, honey and other nutritional ingredients for your dog. My thoughts are, if I’m going to feed a treat, why not feed one that is more than a reward. The regular treats are 16 oz. bags with approx. 120 treats per bag and they are about the size of a quarter. The training treats are approx 350 treats to a bag and 3/4″ long. Our dogs love all these treats!

It seems Miss Lilly Pants loves them too!

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