Raphael’s Story Book & Plush Set


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“A Heartwarming Road to Recovery” 

You can order just the book, or different combinations of the book, plush, finger puppets or Raphael’s Blend.

You can also visit www.suannemolson.com to order and learn more.

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“A Heartwarming Road to Recovery” for all ages to enjoy.”

An 11 x 8.5 hardcover book with unique little additions that ages 2 to 102 will enjoy and love.

There is a little horse tucked in the pages of the story to find along with journal pages and delightful coloring pages.

Raphael Plush is 14 inches tall and 12 inches long from chest to hip. He’s perfect for snuggling and helping to tell Raphael’s Story. He comes with a removable velcro leg wrap that covers a bump on his leg where he had surgery, a removable red rope halter sporting his name on the noseband, and a numbered adoption certificate.


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Raphael's Story

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