Ranch Boss Brush Set

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This quality handcrafted 7-piece Ranch Boss grooming brush and comb set features a selection of three ergonomic shaped brushes that feel great in your hand and to the horse,  a small oval face brush that’s perfect for delicate areas, a unique hoof pick, an Ashwood Oval Mane and Tail brush and an Ashwood Mane and Tail comb with a handle that are wonderful for grooming manes and tails. These brushes and comb are beautifully finished and handcrafted with care in old world tradition.

The set includes:

Borstiq Shaped Arenga Brush

Borstiq Mexican Fibre Brush

Borstiq Shaped Finishing Brush

Borstiq Stubby Hoofpick

Borstiq Small Oval face brush

Ashwood Oval Brush

Ashwood Comb with Handle

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The Ranch Boss Brush Set is the ultimate set of brushes for any horse owner. The moment you hold these handcrafted brushes in your hand, you will feel the careful workmanship that went into them. The Borstiq brushes are of the finest quality, and beautifully hand finished in Sweden from Swedish hardwood using the most natural products possible, and are all ergonomically designed to fit your hand comfortably. The set includes the full range of brushes, from the stiff shaped arenga plant fibre brush for removing mud and dirt to the medium mexi fibre, to the softest horse-hair finishing brush to give a final shine, including a small oval face brush to groom the delicate areas. The Ashwood mane comb and brush are superior quality and handmade in Italy by artisans. This pair is perfect for combing through manes and tails! This old world style brush set is an investment to last you through many years of grooming. 

Additional information

Weight 45 oz
Dimensions 17 × 8 × 4 in

1 review for Ranch Boss Brush Set

  1. Sandy

    I absolutely love these brushes! They are quality and grooming our horses with them is wonderful.

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