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Trish Saletri

Wisconsin, USA

I literally use Original Skin Repair No. 01 on everything!!! Nails, cuts, sunburn, bug bites, acne, itchy scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows!!! I can not live without this!! 

Below Left is 1, 2 & 3 weeks applying skin repair to my nails. Below Right: First pic…left side not using the original Skin Repair, the right side I did for 2weeks… the second pic is 4-5 weeks straight using it morning and night. I don’t use fancy mascara either to make lashes look longer. 

Trish nails
Trish lashes 3


Marcy Keup

Wisconsin,  USA

This.Stuff.Is.AMAZING!!!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Judy Berberick Andrews brought it to a neighborhood bbq a while ago… I gave it a whirl…. and now I am hooked! 🥰 It was a MUST-STOP at Ace to pick-up as we went out of town for a week-long fishing trip. With 3 couples, I got the 16 oz bottle thinking we would go thru it in a heartbeat. We barely used ANY. Although there weren’t many skeeters, the biting black flies and deer flies made up for their absence! We are all blown away at how effective it was without all the chemical junk found in other bug sprays. BUT WAIT…. THERE’S MORE!
Our cabin had a steady stream of ants on the walls and countertops. I sprayed some of this liquid gold on a paper towel and wiped the baseboard and edges of the cabinet and countertop. The ants 🐜 were no longer all over the countertops! ❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩

Ede MacCleod

Michigan, USA

Ranch Dog Comfort ~ Hemp CBD Soft Gels have saved this 4th of July for my dog Eastwood! Two capsules given at 6 pm and 8pm, and he is cool as a cucumber laying next to me, no panting, no shaking!

Normally, he would run from room to room frantically trying to find someplace "safe" from the sounds of the fireworks. No amount of trying to comfort him would work.

Your Ranch Dog Comfort ~ Hemp CBD Soft Gels are a godsend! I will always keep them on hand as he is also terrified of storms. Thank you so much for such a fantastic product!!!

Ede MacCleod
Lindsey salve 1 2
Lindsey salve 2

Lindsey Berry

New York, USA

Testimonial!! I’ve just got a cast off my right leg after twelve weeks imprisonment. I’d gotten the RLN Old Fashioned Skin Mending Salve to try and I gave it a test on my poor scaley skin. Left is before photo of my poor foot just after they removed the cast - and right is ONE day later with TWO treatments of the Salve!! This stuff is seriously MAGICAL ❤️❤️❤️


Jenn Whited 

Wisconsin, USA

My 8 year old had bike crash that left him with some pretty serious road rash. Here’s the road rash on day 1, 2 and now day 10. We used Neosporin per our Doctor for the first 3 days then Ranch Life Original Skin Repair No. 01 twice daily since and the results are simply amazing!

enn Whited testimonial pics

John Solofra, Wisconsin, USA

I am a commercial plumbing and HVAC commercial service tech at Bartingale Mechanical. My job and hobbies are hard on my hands. I started using RLN Original Skin Repair No.1.  I also use it on my Setters along with the Paws & Hide Creme No. 06 when hunting. I also like the Wild Vanilla Outlaw Thieves hand cream to moisturize my dry hands. 

With air quality being such a big topic, and being in the HVAC business, I have been using the Outlaw Thieves oil on our furnace filter and humidifier to promote air quality. We also use the Outlaw Thieves mixture that RLN recommends for surface cleaning. 

It is hard to come up with 1 favorite product as they are all awesome, but I want to bring up a couple more. The detangler is a must have when hunting the wilds of South Dakota with my Setters, Sam and Lad. A spray of detangler and RLN Ashwood brush is great quality time with my dogs at the end of a great day in the field. I also have a 13 year old Scottish Terrier named Minnie. She was really slowing down and suffering with hip pain. After a few days with RLN Glucosamine Hip and Joint treats and Hemp CBD soft gels she is back to going up and down the stairs and getting into our bathroom garbage. 🙄

These are all such great products produced by wonderful people! Thanks Sue and all that make RLN available!



Kris Hamilton, New York, USA

To say I’m a fan Ranch Life Naturals fan is an understatement! This is what I could round up in the house! Out in the barn there’s duplicates of the detangler, skin repair, aloe hand and body cream along with one of the wonderful horse brushes. It’s hard to say what my favorite product is... I love the Raphael Blend hand and body cream. I use it nightly on my feet and legs before bed to help me relax. The soaps are also a favorite, unfortunately my husband has discovered them and depleted my stock! My dogs are huge fans too! They enjoy the Ranch Dog Treats & Dental Sticks! My older dog can be a finicky eater so I crumble up a couple of the treats over his food to get him to finish. I do keep empty containers and divide my new hand cream between containers for my purse, work station and bathroom. Plus having a few extra items on hand is great when you need a quick thank you gift or items for a gift basket. Thanks for developing such a wonderful line of natural products!  



Linda Sebastian Herrman

Manitoba, Canada

Oct 19th 2020 I had double knee replacements. It has been one heck of a journey, and so glad I don’t have to go back to have the second one done....cause it already is!

I started using RLN Original Skin Repair No. 01 lotion on my incisions as soon as they healed closed. Was about 5-6 weeks after surgery. I tell you I couldn’t wait to get that lotion on.....they were so itchy ,sore and tight . What a relief I received almost instantly. The itching gone the tightness ...gone! That’s when the real healing began. I seen my dr today and he was rather floored at how nice they looked. I could see he was proud of himself for making such nice scars....I couldn’t burst his bubble at that time. Lol





Karina Schafer

Wisconsin,  USA

We just want to thank RLN for their awesome products for dogs!  This is Pepper who has become a very important part of our family.  Pepper is a year and a half old Goldendoodle and the  has energy and listening skills of a toddler, but she will listen will it comes to RLN treats!  It is so great to know that these treats have no fillers and are good for her!  I really can't say that any of the RLN treats are favored over the others - she is currently working on a bag of Peanut Butter blueberry cookies and has the chicken, sweet potato treats on standby.  

We also use the hair care products for Pepper. This is our first Goldendoodle and her coat is not easy to maintain as everything mats up. The detangler has been a godsend for helping keep her curls from matting and the RLN brush is so gentle.  We even use the shampoo and conditioner for her bath.  I can't say enough about these products.  Not only can we help a small business that has products made in America, but we know that our dog is getting the best!



Barbara Friesenhahn, Texas, USA

Ranch Life Naturals products are absolutely amazing!  

The Original Skin Repair is my go-to for ALL skin irritations, scrapes, cuts or bug bites on people, horses and dogs.  It’s practically a miracle product! 

I have searched years and years for a great shampoo and conditioner and Sue has hit the nail on the head with both the original and the calm skin versions! I use it for myself, my horses and dog. 

Horses come running across the pasture for Ranch Life Naturals Treats!  And the dogs have all gotten very spoiled with the Ranch Dog Treats.

The soaps make my skin feel silky smooth and never dry!  The different scents are always fun and they make terrific gifts!  Goat Milk and Honey is my favorite for my face.  Any of the soaps with Outlaw Thieves smell great and are very anti-bacterial. 

I have always had dark circles under my eyes and never found anything that actually helps…  until I used Clear Skin -  Morning Bright Eyes.  Using it daily has practically erased them!  It’s truly amazing!

The Hoof and Hide is a must have, for my dry feet in the winter and the horses hooves as well. 

The chap sticks goes everywhere with me! 

I have come to depend on so many of Sue’s wonderful products that one of my greatest fears is that she’ll stop producing them and I’ll be left with nothing suitable to use! 



Katie Dockings

Washington,  USA

So I have been contemplating for a while on writing a review on a product or products that I have tried, I have tried quite a few and while I have written a few online I thought I would take a min if you will and share some of my favorites at this point!

Original Skin Repair No. 1: I have used this for so much, my skin, hair, and most of all I use it on my horses. My one mare is very itchy and she just loves it when I apply it to her, especially those sensitive areas! . I have also used it for acute allergic skin conditions.

Lip Balm: A must-have, and once you have used it you will never want to use another lip balm or chapstick ever AGAIN! I have found that I have not had to apply as often and my lips feel great!

Activated Charcoal Tea Tree and Peppermint -bar soap. I have never liked bar soap, it has never worked for my skin; that is until I tried Ranch Life Naturals. My skin does not feel sticky after using just clean. I love it and the Charcoal/tea tree/peppermint is my favorite.

The newest product to make it to my shelf is the Hand, Body and foot scrub! LOVE IT! After working outside and getting dirty its a must!

Original Calm Skin products: Shampoo, Conditioner, and hand and body cream. I use the shampoo and conditioner for my horses they love it. And I love the hand and body cream so soothing for my dry skin

There are several others for sure that I love but honestly, I have not tried anything from RLN that I don't enjoy! There is something for everyone!

Thank you, Sue Olson, for all your hard work in producing such wonderful products for us and our pets!


Eric Mattmiller,  Wisconsin, USA

Recently we started giving our Mr. Max the Ranch Dog Comfort CBD gels from Ranch Life Naturals after going through an entire bag he has shown so much more energy. Max is 11 years old and has severe arthritis in his back hips. Before the CBD gels he could barely get up the three steps on our deck. Today when I called for Max to come inside he was running to the door for his treat. So happy we tried these!!


Nanci Bleau,  Ohio, USA

I wanted to let you know how MUCH I am loving my Outlaw Thieves. I mixed it in a large bottle for cleaning & small bottle as a Wellness Oil. Our home is 25 years old & we have lived here 2 years. Previous owners did not make it very clean. I have used several types of cleaners with very little success. I was at the point of replacing bathroom sink fixtures because I could not get them spotless around edges. After using Thieves cleaner ONE TIME, I saw awesome, sparkling results. THEN....I work in the barn a lot & have cracked & painful skin on my thumbs. In the past, I use Neosporin & bandage with very little relief. 2 days ago, I applied Thieves Oil & Olive oil mixture & OVERNIGHT I felt relief & thumbs looked much better. WOW! I am loving my purchases & I thank YOU for your hard work & dedication to quality.  I Will be making more purchases & plan to also buy your new dog products. LOVE your company!!


Cassie Black,  Kansas, USA

This is why I love the detangler! My Morgan gelding gets terrible witches knots. I spray them with the Original Detangler No. 02 spray, let it soak in while I brush the mud off of him, and then pick the knots out. Very little hair loss and no drama ❤




Tami Holden

Wisconsin,  USA

There isn’t a product of Sue’s that I don’t like... love them all but here are a few specific examples why. Complexion set is the best...my skin tone, deep creases, etc have all improved using the complete set. Another huge example....I have had an ileostomy for the last 23 years. Those of us with an ileostomy or colostomy know how important skin integrity is around our stomas. I’m fortunate that I have never had issues with mine but since using the Skin Repair soap around my stoma it has improved the appearance of the skin and has lessened my fear of problems. If I start itching around the appliance I grab the Skin Repair lotion and apply it... itching immediately stops! Love that stuff. 

I also just had an overnight testimonial regarding the Skin Repair Lotion...I have had an area of my scalp that’s been super sensitive to touch but looks normal except a bit red. I rubbed a handful of the Skin Repair lotion into my scalp and overnight it was 99% better. This is an issue I’ve had for awhile and not sure why I didn’t think of applying before is beyond me but so glad I figured it out! I’m a Ranch Life Naturals gal forever!! ❤️


Linda Herrmann,  Wawanesa, Manitoba, Canada

I have been using RLN for well over a year. I started with the Original Skin Repair No. 01 for my Morgan mare that has seasonal allergies in the summer. She would rub her mane and tail until there was nothing left but bleeding scabby hairless skin. The moment I put the skin repair on her you could see the relief she felt. I use it on myself for any minor cuts scrapes rashes even bruises..it relieves the pain within seconds, or at the very least minimizes the pain. It is most excellent for mosquito bites! Then I started using the Hand & Body Creme's ...OMG!!!! I can't NOT believe how well it works to keep my skin soft and supple. And it smells amazing!

I use the lip balm, the Calm Skin shampoo for my horse. I started my mare on the Horse Herb Allergy blend this summer and it most definitely does all that it says it will. I can honestly say I have tried many of RLN products and I am addicted to it all. It is incredible with outstanding results and quality! I still haven't figured out how a common woman figured out how to produce such amazing products that are natural and do exactly what they are made to do....the only conclusion I can come to is ... Sue is no common woman. She has a talent; one that I am so thankful she has discovered, and is willing to share it!

I can not really say what my favorite product could be...I love the hand and body lotion and the hemp lotion has really helped me with the pain I suffer from arthritis. The skin repair is something that should be in every home and barn. The herb blend that has given my mare relief along with the skin repair. Ohh, and the horse cookies....oh gosh my girls start to dance and drool when they know one is coming their way. There are many more products I haven't tried and I look forward to trying many more as the new year begins.

Thank you sweet Sue for all that you do and for sharing.
From one of your favorite and dedicated fans!





Lindsey Berry

New York,  USA

I cannot say enough positive things about the Hemp CBD creme. I bought a blend with Cypress essential oil – one I know helps with blood flow – to do a test and see how I liked it and how well it works. I know the science behind CBD oil isn’t complete at this time, after all! I bought a 2oz jar and for the first week, I applied it twice a day, and then, as my reading had suggested CBD stays in your system for a full day, just once. I have early arthritis, carpal tunnel, genetically poor knees and ankles, chronic tendonitis in my elbows, plus very poor circulation in my hands and feet. I live with aches daily, and acute pain after strenuous exercise and my hands and feet go completely numb when I ride my horses. NOT ANYMORE!

My tiny little jar lasted me comfortably for six weeks, as a little bit goes a long way, and my aches subsided, my pain was markedly less severe, and I can ride with full feeling in my hands and feet again. I had a particularly intense training session with one of my young mares, longer and more physically strenuous than we usually do, dismounting with some discomfort and anticipating the aches I would feel the next day. Rubbed my joints with my CBD creme – and woke up the next day WITH NO PAIN AT ALL.
THIS STUFF WORKS! I’m getting the BIG jar now 😀



Julia Boyd,  Minong WI USA

It can be very confusing and even scary trying to find safe products for everyone in the family. So many products claim to be “natural” and then when you flip them around to read the ingredients you are lost in a sea of words you cannot pronounce. I absolutely LOVE how Sue explains exactly what ingredients she uses for Ranch Life Naturals products right on her website.

This is a company I can trust completely and each product I’ve tried has exceeded expectations. Everything that is scented smells AMAZING! My family (dogs included) has been using these products daily for over a year now. We even brought a bar of soap to the hospital for our baby’s first bath (LOL) so it’s safe to say we are huge fans. I’m very excited to see what the future holds for Sue and Ranch Life Naturals! 



Jessica Lynn Compositor 

York, Maine USA

It’s a tad gloomy & grey today, but all it takes is a little Ranch Life Naturals Original Detangler No. 2 to brighten things up!

Double O and I tested this & the Original Skin Repair No. 1 before they became available to the public. The Skin Repair helped in healing the base of his tail & butt when he rubbed it absolutely raw the first summer I got him. A lot of people told me that his tail would never grow back or look anything like it did before he rubbed it out & even I wasn’t sure if the hair would ever be thick & full again, but the Skin Repair saved his butt—literally! You’d never know he ever rubbed it out as badly as he did!


The Detangler is used on him every time he gets groomed, & it has the most wonderful smell that makes everyone stop & take a deep breath. His hair always looks so refreshed after being groomed up with this magical product!

Ranch Life Naturals is our No. 1 go-to for hair & skin care products!


Lindsey Berry   Clifton Pasle, NY USA

I’m in love with your Original Skin Repair No. 1!!!! It’s amazing - the difference it makes is incredible.

I bought a mare who was riddled with rain rot so bad she has white ticking scars. Your formulation not only healed her sores super fast but now her fur is like absolute satin. I think it’s helping the scarring too!! If I could I would buy this by the five gallon bucket.

I am head over heels for the Original Detangler! My palomino has the longest curliest thickest tail and it's absolutely beautiful - and now it’s not in knots too!!

🙂 Thank you for your amazing products!!!



I stopped using everything and switched to Ranch Life Naturals skincare line. I’ve never been so happy with my skin. With or without makeup I’m ready for whatever the day gives me. 
PS: Order extra of the Morning Bright Eyes !! You will want to use it all over your face 😍



Kristen Hutchison-Cesnik

Cesnik Stables

Billings, Montana, USA



Jacie Carter, Minnesota, USA

I LOVE your products, Sue!

My new favorite product:  My dog Camo and I walk all the time. While we're up north at our cabin - the mosquitoes are bad for the 2 of us. I sprayed the Tick & Insect Repellent on the two of us. We walked our 2 miles on the dirt roads and not one mosquito!! 🎉🎉🎉
I also love the skin repair!  My skin feels and looks better. 
Maggie Morgan1.jpg2

Maggie Morgan, Idaho, USA

The ticks are bad this year already! Our first ride in March, we found over 2 dozen ticks on the horses! I had used my regular fly spray too! 
I’m happy to say I found something that really seems to work. Ranch Life Naturals Tick and Insect Repellent #5. Since we started using this, we aren’t finding any more ticks on our horses after our rides anymore!


Terri Hill

Merrimac, WI 

"I am so impressed with this product!"

I have been using The Original Skin Repair on my wild parsnip breakout. It is the only thing that stops the itch. The main breakout blistered horribly seeped and was a huge mess.  I began using the Original skin repair... my skin was very fragile in this area had to wrap it while working. The 1st picture is the blistering 2nd photo is after the blisters went down. The 3rd below is with 5 days of the skin repair. My arm scabbed up and now the new skin feels pretty smooth. I have read that the discoloration can take 2 years to disappear. The other areas are small and I am still getting new areas this stuff spreads! This has been a 2-week process. The Original skin repair is amazingly effective for the itch. As a side benefit my elbows that have been dry cracked and red (for the last two years) have totally healed as I have been putting the Skin Repair on my whole arm.. I always have water on my hands and running down my elbows as I am a Dog Groomer. So speaking of dogs my year old Lab last week started licking and scooting. I assumed it was her anal glands and expressed them. That did not stop the problem. 2 days later I looked at her anal area closer as her licking was obsessive. She actually had a raw sore started. I also noted a faint rash in her hair around her tail area. Long story short I rubbed skin repair on the entire area and she immediately stopped the licking and chewing. Used it again the next day and that's it gone. I am so impressed with this product. I m using it daily now for my face and neck gives my skin a nice glow.

Terri Hill4
Terri Hill1
Terri Hill2
Terri Hill3

Stacy  Bernstein 
Cameron, WI, USA

Life time customer! 

If you have any form of eczema – you need to get Ranch Life Naturals Hand & Body Creme No. 07!

I have suffered from hand eczema badly for about 5 years. I have bought every lotion & salve out there. I have used steroid creams from the Dr. and nothing would help or clear it up. I was depressed and embarrassed. My hands had little blisters that itched terrible – my hands were swollen and so dry they would crack and bleed. My mom and I went to our local farmers market and Ranch Life Naturals was there. Sue asked us if we wanted to sample the cream – I was very hesitant due to everything I put on my hands would burn – I sampled the Wild sweet Grass Mint Berry blend – To my surprise it felt wonderful on my hands and didn’t burn one bit. I bought the Wild sweet Grass Mint Berry blend Hand & Body Creme No. 07 and I have been using the cream several times a day for 2 weeks.

MY HANDS ARE CLEARED!!! NO blisters – NO itching – NO swelling - NO dryness. I cannot live without The Wild sweet Grass Mint Berry blend. My confidence is back and I am no longer depressed or embarrassed about my hands. I went back to the Farmers Market to “stock up” on the Wild sweet Grass Mint Berry blend Hand & Body Cream No. 07.  When I saw Sue – I just got emotional. Sue is a Godsend to me and the products she has are AMAZING!

The top pictures are my hands ALL healed. 

The bottom pictures are what my hands use to be.

Hand creme Sweet Grass1

Kelsie Gillitzer, Wheeler, Wisconsin, USA

So happy I decided to use the “Original Skin Repair” product from Ranch Life Naturals on my colts mane! He has a gorgeous frosted mane that he decided to rub off the end of last summer. I decided to give this product a try and I am so happy that I did! This is just a three month difference. The first picture was from December and the second picture was from March 23! Given that I didn’t put it on him as regularly as I should have (even went a couple of weeks at one point 😆) it still worked wonders! It has grown back thicker and the short spots have grown longer! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it is all grown back! Highly recommend this product!

Original Skin Repair No. 01


You can see the great results before and after!

Katie Dockings before & after

Katie Dockings, Rochester WA, USA

Thank you, Sue and Ranch Life Naturals!  

My poor mare has suffered with chronic itchy skin since moving to the Pacific Northwest it gets so bad that she will rub sores from itching so much.  In just 5 days after bathing my mare with Original Calm Skin Shampoo and Calm Skin Conditioner as well as a daily application of Original Skin Repair No. 01, my mares hair is already growing back! Just love this stuff.  I have also used the Original Detangler No. 02.  It is great product because I am unable to wash my girls' manes and tails all fall and winter and living out in the pasture they get matted and dirty.  The detangler is light and not oily, so using the detangler does not attract dirt and softens their hair! I would highly recommend any Ranch Life Naturals products. 

Katie Dockings1.jpg2

Nicole Curless 

Janesville, WI USA

I cannot say enough good things about RLN products! I purchased the Original Skin Repair No. 1 and the Original Shampoo and Conditioner in the Wild Sweet Grass Mint Berry Blend scent to help my itchy husky, Diesel and my mare, Lyza. Both of whom are itch free now and very comfortable!

I've also been using the RLN products. I have grown up with a hair stylist for a mom and none of the expensive shampoos I've used growing up have made my hair as soft and shiny as the RLN's! Also, the Original Skin Repair No. 01 is a MIRACLE product....

Nicole Curless.jpg1

Here's a list of everything so far that the Original Skin Repair No. 1 has helped me with so far:

1. Reduced the appearance of my stretch marks and cellulite
2. Made sunburn disappear overnight
3. Stopped mosquito bites from itching (they love me so this has been a major help this summer)
4. Keeps my mare, Lyza, itch free and comfortable so she no longer rubs her mane into knots

Anna V2.jpg2
Detangler up close

Anna Velkey-Solvberg / Shannonvale Morgan Horses

Budapest, Hungary

"Nothing is impossible with Ranch Life Naturals!"

Soon after our order from the US arrived I noticed that one of our mares had her tail mysteriously in a huge bundle right at the end of her tail bone... She had been rubbing her tail for some time, so I was eagerly waiting for the RLN Skin Repair and Hair Growth lotion, but this (almost!) caught me off-guard: I have never seen a tail so hopelessly entangled... I must admit I was afraid I would have to cut most of her tail off.. I was nearly crying and had no clue how I could save her tail... and that’s when I remembered the Original Detangler I had ordered just in case... I have to shout it out loud: this product is working miracles! Look at the picture before and after! With enough patience and this amazing detangler - that has a fragrance that by itself will lift your heart and soul - Justin Silk’s tail now looks fabulous! Thank you, Sue for all those years of research and effort that resulted in a natural spray that is actually working!


Lesley Cole Woodburn, Oregon, USA

Charlie was a rescue neglect case.

I enjoyed treating his food with Allergy Horse Herbs product.
I also used non-poison Tick & Insect Repellent and he loves it. No more burnt skin from drops.
I kept him clipped and sculpted and after his bath, he was rubbed down with my skin repair lotion from Ranch Life Naturals.
Both worked equally well for him as for me.  I use herbs in my tea daily for autoimmune problems as well as the Hand & Body Creme No 07 for my skin. Since my medical dog is up on my bed I use the Tick and Insect repellent and relax in a flea free zone that was so sweet and soothing!
Charlie Lesley Cole.jpg1
I would like the full spectrum of Ranch Life Naturals. Especially the Eco Groom Stone, Shampoo and Skin products and one day I hope to have it all lined up on my sink!

Breanna Kessler  Pennsylvania, USA

I personally Can't Thank you enough, Sue Olson. 2 weeks ago my mare, Ali, rubbed her mane really raw. I've had her for almost 3 years and she's the best horse I've ever owned, red-headed and all. She gets bad dandruff mostly this time of year and I have used other products and unfortunately, it just became to expensive for semi-good results for her. I was in a panic to find a good product at a good price, as we are expecting our first frost really soon. Sue directed me to the best product I've ever seen, the Original Skin Repair No. 01, extremely professional and I got it really quick. In just 2 weeks she has 1 and a half inch of new hair growing back, dandruff completely gone, and new hair follicles growing through her whole mane making it really nice and thick. I highly recommend your products to all my friends and family.


Category Skin Repair2

Bonnie Geary, Huntingdon, Tennesee, USA

So thankful for Ranch Life Naturals lip balm during this time of year. Don’t let the sun fool you, it is cold and windy here. The Lip balm keeps my lips from chapping as I do chores with the horses. Thank you, Sue Olson, it truly is the best!

Bonnie lip balm.jpg1

A review from Jenni Grimmett, DVM, Cowboy Dressage instructor and fellow Morgan horse lover. It's an honor to gain the thumbs up from a veterinarian and horsewoman I admire.

Jenni Grimmett.jpg1

Jenni, Idaha, USA

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to do a trial on some new products from a friend and fellow Morgan lover, Sue Olson. Her care package of beauty products arrived and the first thing that caught my eye was the detangler which I instantly loved because anything that keeps this mane of hair contained is appreciated. It took me a while to work my way through the rest of the products just because I’m not much of a product user, but let me tell you now that has changed! I’m addicted to the lotions, the soaps are amazing and the skin repair makes me feel 10 years younger. I can’t say enough about the quality of these products. A must for anybody who works with their hands and spends a lot of time outside. I’m already planning my next order. Check her webpage out at www.ranchlifenaturals.com


Lisa, Montana, USA

Want to share a great customer service story. My Facebook friend Sue Olson, who breeds beautiful Morgans and lives on a ranch in WI, decided after not finding what she liked for her horses manes and tails, to start her own company. Ranch Life Naturals.  She has fun stuff for horses, dogs and humans. 
I ordered a big package of stuff and both the bottles of conditioner had broken during shipment. I didn't lose a ton of product, but it was a mess. Just transferred the conditioners to my own bottles and cleaned up everything else. No biggie. I did let Sue know and told her I did not need a replacement. It was fine, just thought she may want to know. Today she sent two new bottles and two extra packets of dog treats! And was so good via email! 
You know, I love Amazon and shit, and other box stores, but small companies are where it's at. I love supporting them. After all, it's my own families business as well. And it is hard. Especially nowadays. Customer service matters. It's what sets you apart from the others. Check out her stuff!

Lisa Kauffmann Nala


Lisa Kauffman products
Acne comparison

My face used to be hot and hurt all the time, I never wore my hair up because it would cover my face when I didn’t feel confident at all. I was diagnosed with cystic acne so you can see how that would be a very negative to my self image. But now I don’t worry about my acne and I can wear my hair however I like... which is amazing because it’s getting so long now!

Original Skin Repair No. 01

The Activated Charcoal Soap

Rikki, Wisconsin, USA

After using the Original Skin Repair lotion and the Betty Charcoal bar soap for only a few months, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin. My acne has cleared up great and my skin overall feels so much healthier. I’ve been going back and forth to the dermatologist for about 2 1/2 years and nothing was working for my skin like how I wanted it to, but within these few months of using Ranch Life Natural products, the difference is crazy! I cannot be more happy with my skin. I’m down to only using one pill for my acne instead of two a day. And when I skip a few days my skin still is clear and healthy!! My overall complexion just glows now that I’m off all the other face washes I used to use. I can confidently wear minimal makeup, if any, go public places which is such a self-confident booster.


Debbie & Eitan Beth-Halachmy, California, USA

Ranch Life Naturals are more than just beautiful packaging.....they are wonderful products. I am always on the hunt for good chap stick and lotions. Living outdoors these are essentials for any "ranch girl." I've got to say Sue hit it out of the park when developing these fine products. I can't wait for the Cat Treats!

Photo credit: Debbie-Beth Halachmy

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Photo credit: Lesley Deutsch, Blue Fountain Farm Photography



Sarah, New York, USA

Using Ranch Life Naturals has become an answer to my Morgan Horse Blackwillow Tigerlily prayers. Using the Original Shampoo No. 03-Calm Skin & the Original Conditioner No. 04- Calm Skin, along with the Original Detangler No. 02, helps restore her skin and coat back to a beautiful Luster. I found her sleeping in her stall soon after washing her. Not only does she feel great she smells wonderful . Thank You Sue for all your hard work on your product line . 


Orginal Shampoo No. 03- Calm Skin

Original Conditioner No. 04- Calm Skin

Shampoo & conditioner calm skin set
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Bug bites1
Skin repair up close

Savannah, Wisconsin, USA

 Just 20 minutes outside and the bugs attacked my son. My mom put us on a new skin care line, Ranch Life Naturals, and as soon as we got in I rubbed him down with the Original Skin Repair No. 01 lotion. 20 minutes later this stuff is a miracle! He went to sleep right after, and it also prevented me from peeling with some super serious sunburn so I highly suggest this stuff!


McKayla, Wisconsin, USA

Best products I’ve used on my horses and myself! I use the detangler on my hair everyday, it makes my hair super easy to brush and leaves it silky smooth. The skin repair has been great for my horses that rub their manes and tails. It has a great feeling to it and smells really good! The Shampoo and Conditioner is amazing! Would highly recommend all of these products!

Original Detangler No. 02

Original Skin Repair No. 01

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Monica , Queensland, Australia

Detangler & Skin Repair absolutely lovely products, smell fantastic & have improved the condition of my horses manes & tails heaps. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these Ranch Life Naturals products. I have not found anything quite like these products in Australia, so natural and lovely to use.

Original Skin Repair No. 01

Original Detangler No. 02

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Misty, Wisconsin, USA

I have tried three different soaps and loved them all, especially the Wild Raspberry Almond Vanilla. They smell fantastic! The skin repair is my favorite product. I use it on my scalp and rub it in the roots of my hair to keep it from feeling dry during the winter months. It has a wonderful scent. Not too strong. The detangler makes my hair smooth and shiny. Great products. Love them. 

Original Skin Repair No. 01

Farmers Daughter Bar Soap

Original Detangler No. 02


Sherry, California, USA

My 3 year old Arabian gelding was rubbing his tail bald. I purchased some Skin Repair #1 and have been applying it at least three times a week for the past see 4 weeks. The hair is growing back nicely!

Original Skin Repair No. 01


Tail rubbing before and after

Sasha, Wisconsin, USA

I have many of the Ranch Life Natural products but my top 3 favorites are:
1. Original Detangler- Between excessively coloring my hair and blow drying and straightening everyday,there was some major damage. Once i began using the detangler, my hair is soft, smooth, and health again!
2. Muscle Rub No. 8- I use this everyday! I work at a desk and struggle with muscle pain and tension on a regular basis. It relieves the inflammation and the tension in my back and shoulders within minutes.
3. Original Skin Repair No. 01- By using this product, I was able to clear up the scars I had on my arms and face from ache over the years. I highly recommend this product to anyone that struggles with scaring and acne! It's amazing!

Sasha pic2
Hot spot comparison 7 days

Moose, Wisconsin, USA

Moose is a golden lab with a horrible case of hot spots. He had been treated with steroids, antibiotics and topical treatment from the vet. He just wasn't responding. The photos show how he looked the day he arrived for a visit. His owner inquired and purchased our Original Skin Repair No. 01 and after just 7 days the results is helping. I'm so happy and thankful to see our skin repair helping such a severe case. 

Original Skin Repair No. 01


Paula, Florida, USA

Absolutely LOVE  All of the products, many gifts given already, Everyone is Happy! We are looking forward to your next unveiling 💖

Coconut Lip Balm
I have recently been Very Sick, major Dehydration, & this lip balm has saved my cracked, peeling lips,👄 super moist, long lasting, & Coconut taste🥥 Yummy.😋 This lip balm keeps my lips from cracking & bleeding, I won’t leave home without it. 
Thank you ❣️


The Fredericksons, Spooner, USA


This is our pony magic, we've had for just over a year, she has been an excellent childrens pony, minus the fact she has heaves. We have tried everything for her and things seem to work a little, but nothing was great until we tried ranch life natural herbs!! It has been a huge game changer for us!! No more wheezing, coughing, hard belly breathing spells. This product has been simply amazing and so easy to use!! Thank you Sue at Ranch Life Naturals for restoring our pony!

Horse Allergy Herb Blend

Horse herbs main1

Jacob LVT, New York, USA

"When I heard about trying these new Ranch Life Naturals products I was thrilled. My show mare, Jeez Louise (Beethoven x Salem in Excess) had recently stepped on her tail and pulled out a good chunk of hair, so I needed something that would help grow and repair as soon as possible. The Original Skin Repair No. 01 and the Original Detangler No. 02 did just that. I noticed about 5 inches of growth in about a month. Unfortunately, she passed away unexpectedly of colic before I was able to finish the application of the new product, but I think it did her wonders. 


My parents Silver Lab suffers from seborrheic dermatitis, which causes large painful sebaceous cysts on his back. With the Original Skin Repair No. 01, he went three weeks without developing a cyst, usually he was getting them on a bi-weekly basis, so there was huge improvement. For both products all I did was apply them generously in the area of interest daily. They smell amazing and feel great on the skin. Being a Licensed Veterinary Technician, I would highly recommend these products for anyone. "



Anna, Wisconsin, USA

I have tried the following Ranch Life Natural products. Various soaps, I love them all leaves my skin soft and no residue, I use the Betty soap on my face, love how it makes my skin feel and look!  I have tried the shampoo and conditioner, will never use anything else leaves a soft scent in your hair, makes it shiney and soft. The detanglar is amazing I use it in my thick hair with no problems in styling and brushing/combing through it . I also use the skin repair and the lotion it has cleared up my eczema on my hands leaving them very soft. I also have the lip balm, I never leave home without it. Like all the flavors and keeps my lips moist without having to reapply as often as with others.
The dog treats are fabulous as soon as they hear the bag all four come running, makes me feel so much better knowing I am giving them a treat that is good for them ! 
I must share that I am so excited to have natural products that do their job amazingly!! I am also addicted to the scents Sue has come up with, so refreshing and not over powering!! I have also tested these products on my dog's as I am a groomer and absolutely love how they work on them, knowing their safer for all of us. 

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