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Sasha, Wisconsin

I have many of the Ranch Life Natural products but my top 3 favorites are:
1. Original Detangler- Between excessively coloring my hair and blow drying and straightening everyday,there was some major damage. Once i began using the detangler, my hair is soft, smooth, and health again!
2. Muscle Rub No. 8- I use this everyday! I work at a desk and struggle with muscle pain and tension on a regular basis. It relieves the inflammation and the tension in my back and shoulders within minutes.
3. Original Skin Repair No. 01- By using this product, I was able to clear up the scars I had on my arms and face from ache over the years. I highly recommend this product to anyone that struggles with scaring and acne! It's amazing!

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Cheryl DVM , Texas, USA

These are great quality products and very fast shipping. The soaps have very nice fragrance without overpowering, have rich lather and rinse clean. The skin repair works great for soothing itchy skin (bugs are already out in Texas!!) and the detangler works great and smells amazing! Will definitely be ordering again!

Rikki, Wisconsin, USA

Acne comparison

My face used to be hot and hurt all the time, I never wore my hair up because it would cover my face when I didn’t feel confident at all. I was diagnosed with cystic acne so you can see how that would be a very negative to my self image. But now I don’t worry about my acne and I can wear my hair however I like... which is amazing because it’s getting so long now!

After using the Betty bar and the skin repair lotion for only a few months, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin. My acne has cleared up great and my skin overall feels so much healthier. I’ve been going back and forth to the dermatologist for about 2 1/2 years and nothing was working for my skin like how I wanted it to, but within these few months of using ranch life products the difference is crazy! I cannot be more happy with my skin. I’m down to only using one pill for my acne instead of two a day. And when I skip a few days my skin still is clear and healthy!! My over all complexion just glows now that I’m off all the other face washes I used to use. I can confidently wear minimal makeup, if any, go public places which is such a self confident booster.

Lisa, Washington, USA

Wonderful products, top notch customer service and the product is even pretty. And, if something occurs during shipment, Sue fixes it. Just wonderful all around! Highly recommend!

Jacob LVT, New York, USA

"When I heard about trying these new Ranch Life Naturals products I was thrilled. My show mare, Jeez Louise (Beethoven x Salem in Excess) had recently stepped on her tail and pulled out a good chunk of hair, so I needed something that would help grow and repair as soon as possible. The Original Skin Repair No. 01 and the Original Detangler No. 02 did just that. I noticed about 5 inches of growth in about a month. Unfortunately she passed away unexpectedly of coloc before I was able to finish the application of the new product, but I think it did her wonders. 


My parents Silver Lab suffers from seborrheic dermatitis, which causes large painful sebaceous cysts on his back. With the Original Skin Repair No. 01, he went three weeks without developing a cyst, usually he was getting them on a bi-weekly basis, so there was huge improvement. For both products all I did was apply them generously in the area of interest daily. They smell amazing and feel great on the skin. Being a Licensed Veterinary Technician, I would highly recommend these products for anyone. "

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