Did you know Original Skin Repair No. 01 can be used for so many things?

How Original Skin Repair No. 01 Helps People!

  • Relief with Psoriasis
  • Calms the red and itch of bug bites and tick bites
  • Pump around your scalp to relieve an itchy scalp
  • Apply to armpits to relieve redness and rashes 
  • Calms itchy skin anywhere on your body
  • Put it on your face for a clear vibrant complexion
  • Helps to grow eyelashes in thicker and longer with daily use
  • Nourishes hair follicles and promotes growing thicker longer hair
  • Apply to fingernails and cuticles to promote growing healthy nails
  • Eases sunburn quickly
  • Put it on a cold sore several times a day and you will see fast results
  • Calms redness of Rosacea
  • Smoothes out Keratosis Pilaris (little bumps on the back of arms or thighs)
  • Offers relief for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak
  • Helps dry up Wild Parsnip Breakout
  • Reduces appearance of scars noticeable
  • Offers relief for Hemorrhoids
  • Can be used as an all over body lotion and leaves skin feeling smooth and silky

How Original Skin Repair No. 01 Helps Horses and Dogs!

  • Relieves Mane and Tail rubbing
  • Promotes growing long manes and tails
  • Helps dry up rain rot and grows hair in quickly
  • Relieves Scratches, Girth Itch, Tick and Insect Bites
  • Helps with scar and wound repair
  • Offers relief for hot spots
  • Calms itchy red skin from allergies


Did you know our Wild Aloe Hand & Body Creme No. 07 is very effective for Eczema and Dry Cracked Skin?

“Simply the best hand cream”

  • Soaks in Within Minutes
  • Non- Greasy Feeling
  • Relief for Eczema
  • Soothing Burned Skin
  • Restores Dry Cracked Skin
  • Bruise & Scar Repair
  • For Sensitive Skin

Ingredient Superstars are Organic Aloe, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, MSM, Arnica Montana & Horsetail Extract. (From the plant, not the horse!)


Our whole line of Hand & Body Creme No. 07 variations are packed with ingredient superstars to offer the most effective results for your skin. 


Did you know our Original Detangler No. 02


  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Light & Non-Greasy
  • Repairs & Prevents Split Ends
  • Does Not Leave Build Up
  • Leaves Hair Soft, Silky & Smooth
  • Can be used as an all-over Coat Conditioner
  • Is the Ultimate Natural Mane & Tail Detangler

Customers have reported some very interesting wonderful ways to use our Detangler!

  • "When I use it on my horse, he seems more relaxed and is better when I ride him"
  • "I have a mare that never lets me spray anything on her and she lets me spray this detangler on her."
  • "When I start spraying detangler on manes to groom, the other horses come and put their nose in the mist."
  • "I purchase the detangler for my grand daughter's hair with autism. It calms her and lets us brush her hair with ease now."
  • "I mist the detangler on my pillow and bed for a night of restful sleep."
  • "I mist the detangler on my body as an all over body spray after a shower."
  • "I love how silky my dog feels when I spray it all over her coat, and she smells amazing!"