CBD Cream Coming Soon!

I want to share something I’m working on…

My parents have given me so much.  My love of horses and have taught me how to work hard and that I can do anything I set my mind to. I grew up on a dairy farm, so I understand how to work and my Dad always said, “This is not a resort Suanne, it’s a working farm, so get up and get going” . Later in life, he also told me, if I’m passionate about something, just do it… dive in and go for it. That resinate’s with me daily.

Sadly, both of my parents have health issues where they deal with pain every day. My mother was thrown from a horse many years ago and her back was broke. She has two 15 inch rods in her spine and amazingly she can walk. Her back hurts her every day of her life and sometimes she doesn’t even want to get up. My father is on dialysis 3 days a week with no kidney function and his arthritic hands hurt him so bad he can hardly stand it some times and tears will just roll.

The pain that my parents endure is where the seed was planted to find something to help them instead of prescribed drugs that have other side effects.

I’ve been researching and testing CBD oil, which is a cannabinoid compound found in an annual herbaceous plant called Cannabis Sativa also known as the Hemp plant. CBD is only one of over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds produced uniquely by the Cannabis family. The scientific evidence I can find reveals that it is known to help with epileptic seizures and it can be used to address anxiety and insomnia. CBD can also offer an option for treating different types of chronic pain. Some studies have shown that CBD applied to the skin could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis. Another study demonstrated the mechanism by which CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain, two of the most difficult types of chronic pain to treat.

I found a company where hemp crops are grown legally in Colorado, and all product batches are rigorously tested for safety, quality, and cannabinoid content. They are a company that cares about humanity and the rep I’m working with is outstanding.

After researching and guidance from the company as a baseline to start formulating I added a 5% dilution of pure CBD oil to our Wild Custom Hand & Body Creme and gave it to my parents for them both to try. . .

My Mother had a fall recently and has been dealing with extra pain in her back to the point that she has been working hard to get out of bed. She has been into the doctor several times trying to find out why she’s still having so much pain and nothing can be pinpointed. She has been using the cream I made on her back in the areas that hurt so bad and she has told me that her back isn’t hurting. She says it’s unbelievable. She has Dad put the cream on morning and night and she can get out of bed in the morning without the pain. She said she still gets a twinge once in a while, however, the CBD cream has made a big difference. She can hardly believe that she isn’t hurting so much.

My father has put the cream on his hands and has felt relief from the pains of arthritis. Mom said he didn’t even mention his hands hurting the other night when he used it 3 times that day before.

If I can help my parents have a better quality of life, I feel that is one of the greatest successes I can achieve. I make no claims of anything other than offering a topical supplement that can possibly help with a better quality of life. I’m working on making the CBD cream I made for them available  here on Ranch Life Naturals site.

Thank you for reading about my project. I love you Mom and Dad. 

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